Awesome / Heta Oni

  • Italy, yes Italy, taking on a giant Gray by himself and winning, even though he gets injured.
  • England killing one of the Greys all by himself. It comes at the price of his eyesight, but still.
  • When England and Japan link their powers together to unleash a powerful joint attack. It was so epic that this troper literally fist-pumped the air and cheered. Hell, even the picture they used was awsome.
  • To Higurashi: When They Cry fans: Germany wearing a Tomitake hat.
  • Kumajirou in battle. Seriously.
  • Spain in episode 17, single handedly defeated at least 3 of the greys, while defending Romano!
    • Not wanting to leave a damper, but he did them separately and they were the earlier time-loop's, weaker monsters, so it's not really exactly on-par with England's moment... It's still pretty awesome though!