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Awesome: Grand Tour Series
  • The big battle at the end of Grand Tour has a few contenders.
    • Lina taking out two members of the God Hand and about a third of their horde with a single Giga Slave.
    • Nanoha reducing a third member of the God Hand to gibbering terror with the line "You should not have hurt my friends."
    • Guts and Gourry taking down Griffith.
    • Ryoga proving that Ranma isn't the only one who can come up with new tricks, when he uses Ranma's signature finisher, the Hiyru Shoten Ha. With Ranma in the area of effect.

  • The Magical Girl Airdrop in Journey wasn't bad either.
    • Not to mention Usagi protecting Tokyo from an orbital bombardment.

  • Odyssey's final battle. Lina Inverse borrows Raising Heart, to great effect.
    • In the space portion of that battle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Colonel Christopher Blair fly as each other's wingmen.
    • It comes down to the Galactica, the weakest technology-wise in either the TSAB or the Bradeson Republic's fleets, to destroy the structure keeping the dimensional rift open. And they succeed.
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