Awesome / Gone Baby Gone

  • Gone Baby Gone is just an awesome movie in general with quite a few Crowning Moments Of Awesome.
    • Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro are interviewing patrons in a rough dive bar. The situation goes downhill when they are physically threatened by a huge customer named Lenny while another locks the door. Patrick then calmly pulls his gun out and backs down everyone. While he and Angie make their way out, Lenny make a crude remark to Angie which Patrick responds to by literally knocking Lenny's teeth out.
    • Angie gets one for leaping off a cliff into a quarry runoff attempting to rescue a little girl.
    • Remy Bressant (played with gusto by Ed Harris, " Fucking A! You gotta take a side. You molest a child, you beat a child, you're not on my side. If you see me coming, you better run, because I am gonna lay you the fuck down! Easy."
    • Patrick gets another when attempting to negotiate with a local drug lord. When the drug lord begins to become suspicious he brandishes a gun and makes Patrick then Angie lift their shirts to show they aren't wearing a wire. Patrick then lets him know, " Cheese, if you ever disrespect her again like that, I'm gonna pull your fuckin' card, okay? So you're saying you didn't do it, fine. We'll take your money, and we'll be on our way. When it turns out you're lying, I'm gonna spend every nickel of that money to fuck you up. I'm gonna bribe cops to go after you, I'm gonna pay guys to go after your weak fuckin' crew, and I'm gonna tell all the guys I know that you're a C.I. and a rat, and I know a lot of people. And after that, you're gonna wish you listened to me, 'cause your shitty pool hall crime syndicate headquarters is gonna get raided, and your doped-up bitches are gonna get sent back to Laos, and this fuckin' retard right here is gonna be testifying against you for a reduced sentence, while you're gettin' cornholed in your cell by a gang of crackers. 'Cause from what I've heard, the guys that get sent up Concord for killing kids, life's a motherfucker."
    • Seeing Patrick put a bullet through a child molesters head after finding the corpse of his latest victim, even in cold blood certainly qualifies for me.