Awesome / G-Man

  • For starters, any time when there's an actual fight scene, someone gets a CMOA
  • During "Cape Crisis", when the heroes are tracking down the scraps the magic blanket cape, G-Man finds one kid who was waiting for him with a robot dinosaur. When it chomps down on G-Man...he tears off its jaw and smashes it with it.
    G-Man: Like I said: what giant robot?
  • Sparky taking the magic band from one kid.
    Kid: Tell you what: I'll race you for it.
    Sparky: That's the same as just giving it to me.
    Kid: I'll bet this wristband makes me faster than you.
    Sparky: (suddenly holding the wristband) You mean this thing? I'll bet it doesn't.
  • G-Man's friends and the Thunderfriends pulling one over on the Suntroopers.