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Awesome: Fire Emblem Tellius
  • Once your characters level enough, let them loose on enemy units. Laugh as they are destroyed one by one by one.
  • An example of the above and also a different awesome - when a character completely owns a villain who talks smack on them. My last time was Pelleas and Lekain, so I'll use that as an example here. So Pelleas went up against Lekain. Lekain taunted him, told him how worthless he was, etcetera. Pelleas countered with the Power of Friendship. Then he attacked, used Disarm and thus completely ruined Lekain's ability to counter-attack. Then he used Adept, and then he used Flare. Lekain died horribly without even coming close to touching Pelleas. I'm sure you've all had your times when that's happened.
  • The end of Part 2, involving The Greil Mercenaries' Big Damn Heroes moment to rescue Lucia from execution.
  • Kurthnaga's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of 3-13, levelling a castle with a single attack to provoke a ceasefire.
  • Vantage combined with Wrath and Resolve. Basically, if a character has all of these skills and ends up in a really bad situation, they turn into a One-Man Army.
  • Whenever a heron manages to get a kill in Radiant Dawn with a magic card.
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