Awesome / Fate/EXTRA

  • Any time you block an enemy's Noble Phantasm with Rho Aias, particularly hearing the enemy's response.
    • The best moments were blocking Gae Bolg as a Continuity Nod and Gawain's Galatine, because his incredulous response is hilarious.
      • Blocking Gae Bolg was particularly satisfying because Luck is a Dump Stat, and the damage it does is based on luck, so it was either 'block it with Rho Aias' or 'get insta-killed'.
      • Isn't Luck the dump stat for all or most Archer players? After all, his E-Rank Luck is canon.
  • Archer giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Twice:
    Twice: "Servant. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think I'm evil and should be eradicated?"
    Archer: "—My opinion? Discussing such things as a Servant may be a bit callow, even for myself."
    Archer flashes a cynical smile tinged with obvious malice, as if he's come face to face with a sworn enemy.
    As a Legendary Soul known to cut down all who stand in his way regardless of who they are or what they believe, Archer points his blade at Twice, a humane expression on his face.
    Archer: "As a Servant I have no answer for you. But if you insist on a reply, I will do so as the human I once was."
    Archer: "I've met many fools like you, hell-bent on destroying the present in an attempt to resurrect the past."
    Archer: "Like those others, you try to justify your selfish desire for control by cloaking it in the guise of altruism."
    Archer: "You're not satisfied with any result that ends in loss? Your immaturity and weakness makes me laugh."
    Archer: "So, you asked me if I thought you were evil, right? You deluded, spiteful ghost."
    Archer: "That's exactly right. Your misguided ideals are nothing more than the corrupted logic of one long dead."
    Archer: "You are the epitome of evil; a lifeless shade who'd sacrifice the innocent for your own selfish goals.
    Archer: "And regardless of what my Master thinks, I will be the one to eliminate you once and for all."
  • Rin's epic ownage of Shinji on the second day of the first week, done to show him and the player the importance of getting the dirt on your opponent's servant.
  • Saber/Gawain vs. Lancer/Vlad in the Sound Drama.


  • Enuma Elish , which crushes the enemy WITH A GALAXY.
  • Monji Gatou pulled a Heroic Sacrifice by passing through Jinako's barrier, that would dissintergrate any trespassers from entering it, in order to obtain her SG for the Protagonist.
  • Shinji got himself killed by Meltlilith, in order for her to absorb his data due to his intelligence. But, what she didn't know that Shinji knew this would happen, that he infected himself with a Virus awhile ago. Once Meltlilith absorbs him, the virus would affect her, taking away her invincibility, giving the chance for the Protagonist to finally defeat her.
  • Julius Heel–Face Turn on BB in order to save the Protagonist, who is an important friend to him, with the cost of his own life.
  • Protagonist & Caster vs Twice Pieceman & Caster
  • Archer being able to trace Excalibur in Unlimited Blade Works.

In Extella

Finally, a Musou game based on the Nasuverse! Featuring the most popular Servants, the hype before release has already gone through the roof.
  • The gameplay. The true power of a Heroic Spirit, Musou-style!
    • Attila. Turns out, her incarnation in Fate/Grand Order is bearing just a portion of her true strength. Photon Ray, her Noble Phantasm from F/GO, is now just a normal, charged attack. She also can cut through space and the true use of Photon Ray is a Kill Sat!!
    • Gilgamesh. He gets to use Gate of Babylon freely without his pride hampering him, raining down weapons and Enkidu to the enemies.
    • Karna. He doesn't underestimate even mooks, and fight with a materialized Vasavi Shakti. Brahmastra is still awesome as usual, being an Eye Beam that covers the entire screen. He also freely uses his fire- and lightining-imbued attacks. Even more, he can use Vasavi Shakti repeatedly without sacrificing his armor!
    • Mumei. He fights with deadly precision, dual-wielding Kanshou and Bakuya, firing Broken Phantasms, and now he can project his allies' weaponsnote !
    • Lu Bu fights with the brutality of a Berserker, but with a finesse you can see from a famous warrior of the Three Kingdoms.
    • Gawain fights with solar barge and his Excalibur Galatine now really has a range of 13 km!!
    • Cu Chulainn fighst insanely fast like the hound he is. He is (so far), the fastest Servant in the game, using Gae Bolg with lightning speed. And Gae Bolg is now more accurate to the legend, splitting into numerous barbs to pierce the heart of his opponents!
    • Li Shuwen. Think Kirei's Bajiquan is cool? Now you can see the true master of Bajiquan go at it.
  • More of a Fridge Awesome Moment, but Karna defeated Gilgamesh, who was likely fighting serious at that point, without using Vasavi Shakti.