Awesome: Catherine Anderson

  • At the end of Sweet Nothings, Molly finally grows a spine and gets her own back on Rodney by nearly letting him be trampled by the horse he abused and mouthing off to him.
  • In Star Bright, Rainie is kidnapped and forced to take wine and sleeping pills by her psychotic ex-husband. She's clearly a bog-standard Distressed Damsel until she snaps, breaks a wine glass and stabs him in the face with it. She then proceeds to beat the ever-loving shit out of him and call for help before the pills kick in and incapacitate her.
  • Susan calling bullshit on Belinda's False Rape Accusation in My Sunshine. Since at first Susan outright questioned whether or not Laura could even handle the job (she could), it's especially wonderful to see her come to Laura's defense.
    • Isaiah laying an epic smackdown on Tucker for criticizing his decision to marry Laura. While somewhat marred by the Third-Act Misunderstanding that follows, it was nice to see Isaiah ripping apart his brother's stupid arguments against his decision.
  • When Hazel Wright starts screeching and blurting out the big secret David and Brianna had been trying to keep about Daphne's parentage, you'd expect Brianna to run away in tears as would be typical of an Anderson heroine. Instead, she calmly picks up an apple pie and slams Hazel square in the face with it, to thunderous applause.
  • Zach smacking some sense into Mandy and Luke, forcing them to stop their emotional manipulation of each other.
    • And in a meta sense, Anderson cheerfully admitting (in a romance novel) that The Power of Love is not always the answer, and that it's okay to need professional therapy. This is the last author you'd expect to subvert There Are No Therapists, which makes it doubly awesome.
  • Samantha Harrigan going toe-to-toe with a mean drunk twice her size when she catches him abusing a horse, then pulling Tucker's bacon out of the fire when Tucker jumps in to help. Actually, Sun Kissed is basically one long CMOA for Sam, who refuses to break down or stop going no matter what gets thrown at her.
  • Laura Cheney telling her controlling father just what he can do with himself and returning to the man she loves in Cheyenne Amber, even though her father is far wealthier than her husband ever will be.
  • After running in fear from Bobby Lee Shuck and having to deal with the law enforcement's favoritism of him, Only By Your Touch's Chloe Evans finally puts the higher-ups in their place with a long The Reason You Suck speech. It's unclear whether Bobby is actually punished, but it's nice to see her refuse to back down despite them continuing to spew their BS.
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