Awesome / Bob Marley

  • Inviting Edward Seaga and Micheal Manley to join him on stage during one of his concerts, then joining their hands together. At the time, the two men were the leaders of Jamaica's opposing political parties. Violence between these two parties has plagued Jamaica for decades, so seeing their leaders join hands like this was a truly stunning moment.
  • A concert given in Africa was disrupted by a riot. When the police dispelled tear gas into the crowd, most of the musicians and backup singers fled the stage, suffering the ill effects. Marley kept right on singing, somehow completely unaffected.
  • His final concert, where despite his body being riddled with cancer, he performed flawlessly for several hours, including two encores.
  • In 1976, Bob, his wife and his manager were attacked by gunmen in his home two days before a scheduled concert, "Smile Jamaica," organized by then-Prime Minister of Jamaica, Michael Manley to cool tensions between two rival political factions. Despite being injured in the attack, Marley went right ahead and performed in the concert two days later.
    "The people who are trying to make this world worse arenít taking a day off. How can I?"