Awesome: Audiosurf

  • Evol Intent: The Rapture. The variation goes from slow and scary to a full-on sonic assault. Avoid Ninja Mono...
  • Surprisingly, the Ar tonelico II soundtrack ranges from insanely easy to insanely difficult. Particularly; Evil on the Moon (Which turned a corkscrew at one point) and Goddess' Footsteps, both of which are extremely fast and extremely bumpy rides.
  • Try a download of Liquid Plasma or Road Warrior by Rom Di Prisco or Revenger 34 by Askyel. Holy crap.
    • Try Graviphoton by Rom Di Prisco or Just One Second (Apex Remix) by London Elektricity.
  • Sometimes there is a crowd cheer when picking up bonus blocks in Audiosurf 2. Songs like Stomp contain said cheer when the main part of the song kicks in.
  • The climax of "Glósóli" by Sigur Rós will make you cry.
  • Adding the tag [as-nogrey] to a song's title sounds like it would make Mono runs ridiculously easy, but it doesn't just remove the grey blocks. It replaces them all with colored blocks. And disables your ship's fins. Go try to collect every colored block on a fast song in Ninja Mono now. You can rack up insanely high scores this way, but your score will only be compared to those of other [as-nogrey] players.
  • "You" by Bad Religion is pretty damn nerve-wracking. Try it. Come on, I dare you.