Awesome / All Japan Womens Pro Wrestling

  • Manami Toyota: Oh boy, where to begin...
  • At Wrestle Marinepiad '89, a quartet of rookies in the opening match stole the show from the veterans. The match? Manami Toyota and Mima Shimoda vs Toshiyo Yamada and Etsuko Mita, who would go on to become four of the biggest names in joshi in the next decade (and ironically, wrestlers who were opponents in this match would go on to form top tag teams - Toyota/Yamada and, as you'll see below, Shimoda/Mita). This was also the match that kicked off...
  • ...the epic three-year feud between Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada, which came to its finale in a Hair vs. Hair match. The match itself was brilliant, but the CMoA came after Toyota finally pulled off the win: Toyota declared that Yamada had earned her respect, and pleaded with officials not to subject Yamada to the humiliation of having her head shaved, even offering to have her own head shaved instead (and going so far as to start cutting her own hair to prove the point). Toyota had to be physically restrained while the shaving of Yamada's hair took place.
  • AJW in the early-to-mid 90s is widely considered the Crowning Era of Awesome for women's wrestling (with their mid-80s era as runner-up), featuring stars like Manami Toyota, Akira Hokuto, Kyoko Inoue, Bull Nakano, and Aja Kong (among others) at the top of their game, and several contenders for "greatest women's match of all time", including the aforementioned Toyota/Yamada match, Akira Hokuto vs. Shinobu Kandori at Dreamslam 1, and Manami Toyota and Kyoko Inoue's 60-minute draw.
    • Akira Hokuto vs. Shinobu Kandori has two CMoA contenders:
      • At the opening bell, Hokuto decks Kandori, grabs the mic, and asks Kandori if that's all she's got. Kandori responds by getting up, grabbing Hokuto's arm and wrenching it nearly out of its socket.
      • Later in the match, Kandori piledrives Hokuto on a table. And we're not talking one of those wimpy, thin tables that you normally see in wrestling; this was a really thick, solid table. After the piledriver spot, the camera zoomed in on the dent left in it. Hokuto's frickin' sick bladejob after the spot just capped off the awesome.
  • AJW Super Woman Great War ~ Big Egg Wrestling Universe in 1994 deserves mention not only for living up its name with a whopping twenty three matches of various styles and a wide variety of opponents but also for drawing the promotion's biggest crowd at 42,500, which is also the largest number on record for a joshi event.
  • The cage match between Las Cachorras Orientales (Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda) and the U* TOPS (Tomoko Watanabe and Kaoru Ito) at Wrestlemarinepad IX. The entire match is basically a textbook lesson in professional wrestling storytelling, as the ladies do a great job of putting over the scrappiness of Watanabe and Ito as well as the bitchiness of Mita and Shimoda. Watanabe wrestles the match with a shoulder so messed up that she has to wear football pads and eventually escapes the cage, leaving Ito to try and fend off both Mita and Shimoda. After shenanigans involving a fire extinguisher, LCO run to opposite corners with Ito able to stop Shimoda using an armbar from the top rope. Mita, however, escapes - but upon an attempt by Ito to exit, she climbs back up the cage to stop her, only to get dragged into the ring, landing straight on her head. Ito, instead of escaping, does the Superfly pose and proceeds to double stomp Mita from the of the cage before finally making it out, dropping in a heap on the ground. The U* TOPS, though hurting, manage to leave the queen bitches of joshi crying in the ring (with Shimoda extremely bloody on top of it).