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Awesome: All That
  • Kevin gets one when he orders an annoying English acting coach interrupting Josh and Amanda's sketch by giving them tips to leave the set.
  • Kenan Thompson going from being a cast member on a preteen Saturday Night Live to being a cast member on the real deal. While Kel Mitchell not joining him is a let-down, the fact that Kenan Thompson was the first (paving the way for Taran Killam, who went from being a semi-frequent Amanda Show cast member to a MADtv cast member and finally, an SNL cast member) should count for something. It's like seeing your childhood friend go from being class clown to TV star (which is exactly what happened here).
    • Even more awesome: Kenan Thompson is now the longest-running black male cast member on SNL (who's been on the show since 2003 and hasn't left yet), beating out Tim Meadows (who was on the show from 1990 to 2000, but didn't become popular until Lorne Michaels and NBC fired most of the season 20 castnote  while retaining the good cast members and hiring new blood).
  • Kel's rap performances.
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