Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6 Blind


Torn Asunder some more. (AKA Yes, Discord is definitely an Asshole)

Hello again, and welcome to my LP. Last time, I got my ass kicked, but this time, I am ready. You see, I have been told of the value of the Wall status. Remember that I mentioned that Fluttershy was able to reflect Spells? It turns out, She had a wall band on her which allowed her to do that by giving her the status Wall. Now, there are three problems with this Relic. One, there is a good chance that the element type that the boss casts is one that he absorbs, meaning he heals himself whenever he attacks. Luckily, Ultima doesn't seem to have any elements that he absorbs, so I should be fine. Two, It reflects ALL spells, including any healing spells you may cast, meaning your healing magic just heals your opponent. However, Blooms Medikit ability is not a spell, so that works fine. Three, it only affects spells, not physical attacks, meaning I will still take damage. Nevertheless, It will be a great help in the battle so I have gone and got Wall bands for all of my party.

I decide to change Luna with Pinkie, since sadly Luna's damage just isn't that good against Ultima. Also, I have not got Fluttershy with me, Since she didn't follow me onto the airship. She is mostly useless in boss fight anyway, so that is OK.

OK, Onto the continent again! Ah, It puts me back at the start, instead of near the end where we found the airship.

He, Fluttershy is there. I guess I can get her back.

OK, before I can reach her, a Random encounter with a dragon pops up. Err... He's new...

He has a high HP count. And he Just Fuh Ro Dah'ed Twi.

OK, He wasn't that hard, He just had A high HP count. He knew a ability called Revenge, but it did no damage as he did it on his first turn, and I presume that ability is based on the damage you deal to him.

Anyway, I pick up Fluttershy. Off to Ultima!


I have Absolutely no idea what why I went through the dungeon to get to him... Back to randomly wandering...

Ah! Monster chest! A Gigantos! These monster chests frequently are like Mini bosses, so he will not be easy, I bet...

Heh, Stare works on him.

OK, he wasn't to bad, though he gets alot of attacks meaning he almost KO'ed Pinkie.

He dropped a dagger for Fluttershy. The thing is, one of the Ninja's on the continent dropped a ninja star, which is actually better. Ah well, I should be able to get him on the veldt now for Pinkie at least.

Heh, I gave Pinkie a Relic called a Magnet Hoof, which allows her to hold two weapons. It turns out, some of the Random moves, Like Catscratch for example, use the weapon Pinkie is holding, so if Pinkie is holding two weapons, she uses both in the attack. This allows her to do a ton of damage. At this point, her only downside is she limited to light armour. And honestly, all that means is that she is quicker in her attacks, as most light armour has a speed increase on them.

OK, I'm at Ultima Weapon again. Now, someone recommended to get rid of all of his MP. Err... He has 15000 MP. That may take a while, since my Mana drain moves can drain just under 100 MP. I know that the bosses are stronger in this mod, But by just how much?

Heh, The wall Bands are working perfectly. He isn't doing any damage at all right now, as he is only doing spells!

Hmm, he cast shell on himself, making Magic not that good anymore. He also has a small regen on himself. Nothing I can't out damage though.

"Ultima Weapon: You play with forces you do not comprehend. Let me teach you the art of destruction!" Does this involve more magic? Because if so, you really do not learn.

It does involve more magic. I don't think he has actually hurt me yet...

"Unknown Light surounds weapon!" Now will he pose a threat?

Yep! He at last has a ability that does Physical damage. Alot of it too. It put Pinkie from full HP to Critical HP in one hit! Bloom, do your thing and patch her up fast! He doesn't do it too often, so Bloom can easily keep up her healing.

Hmm, I think my Physical attacks are doing less damage now as well... Did he get up a defence buff?

Got him!... Or not? What is that? Something just fell from the sky. An angel?

Oh god, It's the Reraise spell, which resurrects him... Only with about 15% of his HP, but he has a big HP count...

OK, now I got him. It was pathetically easy with the Wall Bands... I'm going to refrain from that tactic if possible in the future.

OK, Fluttershy decides to stay behind to see if there are any espers to take care of here.

I found Discord and Gilda, at the statues of the Goddesses. (They seem to be sparkling) They notice us instantly.

Ah, Trixie is here! Just like you guys said! She says she is here to put an end to this.

Gilda tells us it is too late now. The statues start flashing, and the sparkles are drawn into Gilda.

Trixie Tells Gilda to stop, but Gilda just instead fires a sparkle at Twilight, knocking Trixie away, leaving her holding onto the edge of a cliff. The sparkle stays on Twilight, and she looks weak. I guess you could say that she now really is Twilight Sparkle!


I am so sorry for that.

Anyway, Gilda fires more sparkles, at Bloom and Pinkie. Trixie manages to climb back up.

Gilda says that Trixie should stop being such a flip flop, and that she used to be cool about the magic thing. She asks what happened.

Discord says to listen carefully, as this is important. "Discord: A weighty choice is yours to make, the right selection or a big mistake... Take this sword, and run them through, Or Gilda and I, will rule, without you..."

Trixie takes the sword (err... Trixie, you aren't thinking about betraying us now, are you?) and walks us to Twilight. (Trixie, don't you dare!)

Gilda tells Trixie this is her last chance. so get it together or get out of the way.

Trixie stands over Twilight for a while, then finally speaks.

"Trixie: Trixie owes you... NOTHING!" Then she uses that sword to run Discord through! (I knew I could trust you, Trixie!)

Discord collapses on the ground, but then gets back up, saying Ouch. Discord notices he is bleeding (That's what getting stabbed tends to do, Discord), and gets mad. Then he collapses again, saying "I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE YOU!!!" I think he's trying to tell me something...

Discord gets up again and calls out to the goddesses to show him there power. The goddess statues just push Discord away. He tries again, and this time the statues flash. They don't seem to do anything else though. Discord commands the goddesses to give him power.

Gilda asks Discord what he is doing, as they have already won. She doesn't want the statues to wake up. Discord yells "Silence!", and starts a battle screen with Gilda.

Gilda tells Discord to stop. Discord agrees, saying he will put an end to this right now. (I don't think that is what she meant...)

Gilda says that this wasn't part of the plan, and that Discord probably can't handle what he is about to do. Discord just laughs.

Gilda attacks Discord with Fire 3, but nothing happens. She tries Flare, but again, nothing happens. Gilda is confused as to why her magic isn't working, and asks Discord how he's doing this. Discord says that he is standing in the field of the statues, which absorbs all magic. Discord says it is time to shed some dead weight, and commands the statues again. A lightning bolts strikes near them both. A second one misses as well, and Discord starts complaining, saying that he should do it for the goddesses.

More lightning bolts strike. The goddesses are really bad aims it seems... Several land without hitting.

At last, one hits Gilda dead on, knocking her down. Discord starts killing Gilda around. I think she is dead. No, not quite, but back to the normal screen, Discord starts pushing Gilda to a cliff, and Gilda says "Not...You...too?"

Discord kicks Gilda off the floating Continent. Yep, she's dead now. Discord does back to the statues.

Trixie says that she is getting mad now. Discord just knocks her away again, leaving her hanging onto a cliff edge again.

Discord starts moving around the statues. Trixie says that doing that will change the landscape. I think he knows that though.

Ah, Fluttershy flies in (Wait, does that mean the character she replaces from the original version flew in too?) and grabs Trixie, pulling her to safety. Well, As safe as you can get around Discord, anyway.

Fluttershy tries to push the Statues back, but Discord tries to stop her by pushing the statue she is pushing.

Ah, The sparkles have left the party. They are in fighting form again!

Heh, Fluttershy is Pissed. She has gone into Flutterrage mode. "Fluttershy:You may be big, and you may have found the source of all magic, but you do NOT, I repeat you do NOT. HURT. MY. FRIENDS!

Ah, a the statues emitted a flash of light,and my party plus Trixie got pushed of the cliff! Fluttershy is still there though. She tells us to get out of here, and that she will catch up.

Oh god, Countdown! I need to get off this Island, fast! Run!

Ah, Random encounters, complete with the timer still counting down!

Oh wow, The island is actually colaping, with parts falling off.

I have just had an Idea, I am using the Horseshoes to move faster, but I should also use the slippers to reduce the number of random encounter too.

Damn, the path to a chest fell away. If I went a longer path to it, I may have been able to get it, but now, I've missed it... :(

Hmm, there is a sparkle in my path... It's a fight! I have two minutes to go! I have to do this fast!

Ah, he's casting Doom on everyone, starting a countdown to their death. Now I have even less time! He has Wall too!

He is immune to so many elements! He even absorbs fire!

Phew, killed him... That was panic worthy, luckily, Bloom's Drill worked fine on him.

How long do I have left?


30 seconds. Crap. RUN!

Ah, the airship, with 20 seconds on the clock! But didn't you guys tell me to wait before I jump? OK then.

With 5 seconds on the clock, Fluttershy appears. She thanks us for waiting and not leaving her on a scary continent that is about to crash into the ground, and jumps to the airship with us. Thanks for the tip there guys!

Ah, the land below is terraforming. Land is moving, rising and changing place. (And many ponies are falling to their death in the process. D:)

Oh god, the airship is split in two! The entire party fall off!

Oh god, massive explosions and fires are occurring around the world. This is really really bad! End of the world bad! I did not see this coming at all!

"On that day, the world was changed forever." No kidding! It is showing me shots of the overworld now. The land is completely different, there is hardly any green to be seen at all, just scorched earth remains...

the screen changes to a beach, then moves to a house. It is badly damaged.

Inside, Trixie is in a bed. The door opens, and... hey, it's Seth! It looks like he is looking after Trixie.

Trixie wakes up. Seth is happy to see her awake. Trixie says that she feels like she has been asleep forever. Seth says one year, actually.


What? That is not good...

Trixie is confused and surprised that Seth looked after her for a whole year. Seth said it wasn't easy. he said that after the world crumbled, he awoke to find them on on a desert island with a few strangers.

Trixie asks is Seth knows where the others are. Seth doesn't know. He doesn't even know if there are any other ponies at all left alive. Nothing grows now, and most animals have almost gone. The few ponies what were here with them starved, or commented suicide...


This game has gone really dark all of the sudden... I did not expect the apocalypse to occur...

Trixie is upset that she missed her chance to stop Discord doing this. She is blaming herself...

Seth says that if he had a choice to spend the rest of his life on a deserted island with someone, he wouldn't mind it being Trixie. Trixie sarcastically says that he is quite the romantic one, and that their existence together might be tolerable.

Seth seems happy, then starts Coughing.

Trixie says "Trixie's Number one fan..." Seth laughs, but is still coughing. Trixie asks if he is hungry. Seth says he hasn't eaten in three or so days, since he became ill.

Trixie asks what is left to eat then, Seth says all there is is fish. Trixie says she will get some then, and puts Seth in the bed.

Right back under my control, let's get food then.

OK, I got fish from the sea. I feed it to Seth. He says he doesn't have long left in the world. Err... Not good...

I keep feeding him fish I catch, but nothing seems to change...

Feeding him fish doesn't seem to do anything, I think exploring the overworld is in order.

Wow, the random encounters are weak. They only seem to have 2 HP They even die eventually themselves... This Island sucks.

There is nothing on this damn island. Do I just need to keep feeding Seth fish?

Apparently, Seth's worst nightmare is to leave Trixie alone on the island.

Hmm, His dialogue changes as I feed him. Does that mean It's doing something?

Yes, He says he is feeling a little better! At last, I was beginning to think the fish wasn't doing anything. The only reason I kept at it as there was nothing else to do.

Just how much fish does one man need to eat? I've been running back and forth for ages!

Hmm, Is it just me, or do the faster fish do better? I've started catching nothing but fast moving fish, and he has been changing dialogue faster.

Damn, now I'm only finding slow fish, or none at all, requiring me to talk to Seth to spawn more, and he seems to be deteriorating. He revering to dialogue he has already said... More fish!

Yes, He's getting out of bed, saying he is much better! At last!

Seth says that he has a project he has been doing to keep him going over the last year, and wants Trixie to look. It's a raft!

Seth says that Trixie must leave this place, and find her friends. Trixie says that she will come back for him when Discord is no more. Seth adds with that Bloom Filly, know doubt.

Anyway, on the beach, Trixie waves goodbye to Seth, and sets off on the raft. The raft takes her across the sea, to a new landmass, still mostly scorched earth, but a bit of grassland on it, and a town on it! Yes, Civilisation! It still exists! It's just a short walk from where Trixie lands.

Hmm, I think this is where I should end things.

Until next time. ^_^

Oh yes, since I haven't said it in this part yet, Discord is an Asshole.


Hooray, you saved Seth! Just so you know, the game accounts for it if you couldn't save him. It is one heckuva Player Punch.

Also, yes Kefkord is eeeeeeeevil.
AceOfScarabs 2nd Aug 12
Just for completeness sake, you should go through it once where you catch only slow fish or no fish for Seth.
nightwyrm_zero 2nd Aug 12
Yeah, you're welcome for the "wait for Fluttershy/Shadow" advice. I would have given you a tip for Seth/Cid, except I forgot.

Anyways, welcome to the World of Ruin (previously, you were in the World of Balance). And now you know why I told you this was the major point of no return in the game; some things will stay the same, but mostly thing are all different now. On the flip side, there are now two new party members you haven't seen yet available soon...
Hunter1 2nd Aug 12