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Let's Read: Fallout Equestria
Perpetual Lurker

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In which I give in to the hype.
Okay, I've never done something like this before, so forgive me if the format I chose here is annoying. What I'm going to do here is write my thoughts on a chapter of Fallout: Equestria as they come, then give a summary of my opinions at the end of a chapter.

Prologue + Chapter 1

Thoughts on Prologue+Chapter 1:

Well, it's certainly well written, but I really wasn't expecting otherwise. Aside from my musings over the Batman level of gadgetry in the PipBucks, I really couldn't think of anything wrong with it. Of course, the story's hardly started, so we'll see how things go.

Chapter 2

Thoughts on Chapter 2:

And so the bloodbath begins. Pip learns fast. Almost too fast. A good bit of Fridge Logic too on how she could know so little about the outside world yet still know about the little things, but lets just assume that they can somehow synthesize cheese in the Stables. Still not a fan of exploding ponies, but it'll only get worse from here on out, so I'd better get used to it. It's certainly entertaining, but I do hope it doesn't rush Pip's development here.

That's all, for now. I'll probably continue later, but I make no promises. Peace out.

7th May '12 10:30:37 PM flag for mods
Pip and her companions are ridiculously competent in battle, but that's a given since it's based on a computer game.

As far as gore, chapter 3 is the worst. Anyway, I didn't think the swears were particularly creative.
storyyeller 7th May 12
Pretty much sums up a lot of my thoughts about it as well. My only issue is the competence thing; if you've lived your whole life in a Stable, you shouldn't be quite so good at survival, especially if you exist with zero preperation.

And yeah, chapter 3 is pretty graphic. I found it a bit gratuitous and unnecessary, but I'll see what you think.
JapaneseTeeth 8th May 12
Yeah, I honestly didn't like it much at this point. The early chapters seem to mainly be there to shock you. As for Littlepip, at the moment she's hoping to find Velvet. It gets better when she becomes more proactive and you meet more characters who are actually decent.
Sereg 8th May 12
The suspension of disbelief is a little easier if you have played the recent Fallout games (3 and New Vegas). In 3 you crawl out of a vault and become the savior of the wasteland (although there's some explanation that you have practice with a gun shooting Radroaches) with little to no experience with the outside world.
Turtlebutter 8th May 12
yeah a lot of the more Fridge Logic-y things are a result of trying to adapt game mechanics to a story. And yes as before the next few chapters are VERY gory, but once she gets out of ponyville the story gets much much lighter on that stuff.
Seraphem 8th May 12
Oh, I'm fully aware of the videogame side of things, I just think that it doesn't quite carry over as well into something purely story-driven.
JapaneseTeeth 8th May 12
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