The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 38: Practice

So, weíve just had a four month Time Skip, so what better time to check in at Tar Valon? All the girls have made progressions in using the Power, though none are allowed to use it unsupervised, and we also get a quick reference to Galldrian having died. Thatís anticlimactic. So how will we find out why he was after Domon?

Liandrin comes in, and tells them Randís group has reappeared, and Egwene and Nynaeve have to come with her to Toman Head to help them. And they canít tell anyone else because they might be Black Ajah, so isnít that convenient? Min and Elayne announce that theyíre coming too, which should be pretty fun, though I donít know how they think theyíre going to get Liandrin to agree to it.

The all girl road trip is a pretty promising idea, even if thereís not much space left in the book for it. And Iím now calling that Liandrin is the real Black Ajah, and is bringing Egwene and Nynaeve to use against Rand, and Min and Elayne will be the Spanner in the Works to that. Other than that, we basically have Jordanís awkward attempt to write a group of girls hanging out. Technically the chapter passes the Bechdel Test as they talk about several things besides boys (the exposition about those four months has to go somewhere) but thereís still several times where who has a crush on who is randomly shoved in, like he doesnít trust us to remember that theyíre girls. At least Nynaeve manages to not bring up Lan the whole time.


Nice call on Liandrin. I didn't get that right away, although really I should have, possibly even from the early chapters when she intimidates Amalisa.

And the road trip is going to be real short, btw.
montagohalcyon 16th May 12