The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 21: The Nine Rings

Seleneís Villainous Breakdown continues as sheís openly rude to everyone at the inn they stay at, and finally heads upstairs early after insisting on a private room. Rand meets Aldrin Caldevwin, a captain from Cairhien guarding the statue, which Galldrian has ordered brought there. That probably has something to do with why he ordered Doman killed, but Iíve got nothing on what it is. It turns out Cairhien is a city of hats of Magnificent Bastards, and Caldevwin is instantly suspicious of them, which isnít helped by Selene disappearing by the morning, with the men he had on watch not noticing anything. So they get an escort to Cairhien to see her again, led by Elricain Travolin. He shows no real personality as yet, but Iím already dreading seeing more names from this city.

I would say that the developments here run the risk of stuffing too many complications into the story, but after seeing how well is worked for A Song of Ice and Fire (Iím one of the weirdos who likes Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons just as much as the first three) Iíll wait to see where it goes. And Cairhien promises to be a quite interesting place that will add a lot of potential plot developments to fill a few more of these.


I'm pretty sure everyone met in this chapter is unimportant outside this book, don't worry about their names.
montagohalcyon 29th Apr 12
...You mention Doman relatively frequently, but I keep having no memory of who he is. Coincidentally however, I remembered just now who he is... and that I recognize him better for his first name, which is more unique.
Sabbo 29th Apr 12