The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 13: From Stone to Stone

And now for something completely unexpected: Ingtarís group just happened to go to sleep next to a Stone that ancient Aes Sedai used to travel between parallel universes, and Randís abilities accidentally send him, Loial, and Hurin, and their horses to one of them as they sleep. Or maybe that man and woman standing over him did it, but Rand doesnít know about that so he now feels responsible, especially when Hurin becomes The Woobie and begs to be able to get back to his wife.

Rand tries to activate the Stone again, but since he has no idea what heís doing, he only gets a splitting headache. But oddly enough, Hurin can still smell Fainís group to the south, so with nothing better to do they go after them. And I am now more excited than ever before, as I adore this kind of thing.

The parallel universe thing comes completely out of nowhere, but Iím a huge fan of the likes of His Dark Materials and Fringe, so Iím definitely on board for where this is going. Of course, thereís definitely a danger of spreading the story way too thin if this happens too much, but for now itís a great addition to the world, even with few clues yet to how this world is different from the other (And writing this sentence got me thinking; there hasnít been any name given to this world by this point, has there? Weird.). It also gives a good chance for Rand's development, with him forced into a leadership position as he feels responsible for the other two being here, which can only be good for the true Dragon.


Fans tend to call the continent detailed in the maps "Randland"; the world as a whole doesn't appear to have a name. At least not one I know, people in the first blog mentioned a guide I haven't read.

The parallel universe thing really only comes into play in this book, oddly (although you could say tel'aran'rhiod is similar). There is a scene much later in the book that uses it to great effect though, it's one of my favorite parts.

Here, it's not so important other than a bit of foreshadowing, splitting up the party, and introducing a character. Who I'm wondering what you'll make of.
montagohalcyon 24th Apr 12

To me, it's just "the world of the Wheel of Time series".

At least The Ways and Tel'aran'rhiod get names though. :/
Sabbo 24th Apr 12