The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 3: Friends and Enemies

The first several pages are just more of Rand running around looking for a way out, and not finding one. It goes on way too long, and the novelty of seeing more of Fal Dara is long gone by the time itís over. Thereís a creepy new element of Rand sensing someone following him and laughing, but never showing themselves, but even that canít carry me through this padding for as long as it goes on.

Finally he meets Mat, Perrin, and Loial, but of course he canít tell them why he wants to leave. So instead heís nasty to all of them so they wonít want to go with him, and itís pretty painful. Can at least one more person know soon? I really hate it when stories do this. After getting them away, he tries the same thing with Egwene, but she sees right through it and gives him a great What the Hell, Hero?.

Egwene suggests he hide in the dungeon, where sheís been visiting Fain in desperation of someone to talk to about home. Thatís kind of a Tearjerker. But Fain is particularly creepy today, and she sees itís not going to work, so instead she suggests a Crazy Enough to Work plan of hiding him in the womenís quarters, right in the middle of the Aes Sedai but where no one would look for a man. And I continue to struggle to find a point to this.

Another chapter that comes off as just padding and reminding us of whatís happened already. Maybe this was nice on the first release, but moving directly through the series, itís now really getting on my nerves. The whole ďhide Rand from the Aes SedaiĒ plot has yet to go anywhere, and Iím starting to suspect itíll be a big anticlimax when it turns out what they want him for isnít nearly as bad as heís thinking. At least Egweneís as awesome as ever, and the scene with Fain is nicely creepy.


Yeah, I didn't like the beginning of this book either, on top of not liking the prologue. It gets better when people start leaving the city.
Sabbo 14th Apr 12
I thought the beginning was kinda long too, but the whole time I could just feel death waiting around the corner...probably because I noticed Fain was affecting the wasn't so much an "ugh, filler" reaction as "look I know something bad's going to happen don't keep me in suspense".
montagohalcyon 14th Apr 12