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Chapter 43: Decisions and Apparitions

Loial exposits that the Waygates were a gift from the male Aes Sedai that the Ogier took in after their side of the One Power was tainted, letting them move through whatís basically hyperspace. But since they were built with tainted magic, theyíre now extremely unreliable, and many come out terrified for the rest of their lives, with no memory why, and others are simply never seen again. Sounds like good old High Octane Nightmare Fuel; I canít wait. Also, Moiraine chimes in that sheís part of the Blue Ajah, and itís people in the Red Ajah like Elaida who are all assholes.

Everyone agrees to come, despite Randís token attempt to tell Egwene she doesnít have to. And again, despite the sexism accusations against this series, itís not anywhere near as heavy handed or Stay in the Kitchen as it could have been. Unfortunately, itís followed by Egwene refusing to believe he met the royal family. Oh sweet christ, how the hell long is this going to be drawn out? Well, at the very least Iím reasonably assured that sheíll actually realize heís telling the truth at some point, unlike, say, Charlie not believing Hurley won the lottery.

Time for another dream, and this time the Dark One does a whole Kneel Before Zod routine, saying that Rand, Mat, and Perrinís counterparts in other Wheel turnings have always joined him, or died trying not to. Suddenly Iím wondering if the end of The Dark Tower took some inspiration from this. After waking up, Rand starts thinking that maybe the Dark One is only after one of them, but doesnít know who it is. Not sure where thatís coming from, but itís probably true. Moiraine fixes the injuries he and Mat came out with, and theyíre off.

More information refining here, but thereís a decent amount of forward movement too as we can feel a little more sure of Moiraineís intentions, and we end with everyone off toward the climax. Now, if only Egwene could also meet Elayne so we can get this tiresome complication over with.

And with that, this will be the last you'll hear from me for a while, as I'm off to a vacation with no Internet access. But I'll still be reading one chapter a day, and will post the whole week's worth when I get back.


So that's the Moria equivalent, the Ways. 4th Apr 12
It won't exactly spoil anything, but the Ajahs are basically divisions of Aes Sedai, they each have their separate "goals" (and a bunch of traditions in addition to that not related to their goals) add to this that individual Aes Sedai may go off and do their own thing, but you'll get MORE than enough of Aes Sedai politics in the series...

Arilou 4th Apr 12
The whole thing about Ajahs gets expanded upon starting in the next book, to be exact.
Sabbo 4th Apr 12
RJ screws a few things up in the gender politics of the series, but at the very least, I appreciate that he at least is willing to examine the subject and that he tries. You'll see a lot of gender-flipped points throughout the series. For instance, one that I'm sure you've already come across, and that isn't spoilery if you haven't, is the fact that in Wo T, there's a constant assertion that men are the gossips, versus our society, which typically views the *women* as such. So, you see what I mean about a gender-flipped point there? The READERS know that such a thing is ridiculous, because we're inside the guys' heads enough to know that they don't really gossip (or talk to each other much at all (especially when it'd REALLY HELP IF THEY DID SO), frustratingly enough), but by flipping the genders on us, RJ makes us pause and think about the inherent absurdity of the assumption that all women are incurable gossipers.

Which, again, I commend him for being willing to examine the topic of gender disparity, because trying is a hell of a lot more than most people do. But...well. Let's just say that, in my opinion, it backfired on him a little bit, because sadly putting such a bright spotlight on the female characters only makes them easier targets, as the readership is outraged at their unfair treatment of the men, and then the HATE THOSE BITCHES is on. Which, really, misses the entire point.

I'm not saying that Jordan doesn't have some problems with sexism in his books, because he does (more on this in later books though). But I don't blame him, and I certainly don't think he had any malicious intent to purposefully be sexist. And I'm not saying that people don't have a right to hate Nynaeve, Moiraine, Egwene, or Elayne, or any other female who shows up, because whatever floats your boat. But I think a lot of hate that the female characters get hit with is simply Misaimed Fandumb. At least, that's the way I see it. *shrugs*

ANYWAY. Ah, the Ways. Both Moria and the Ways are High Octane Nightmare Fuel for me, but I'd totally pick Moria, hands down, over the Ways if I had to journey through one of them. The reason why will become clear once you get there. *shivers*

As Mark would say, you are not prepared. ;)

Anyway, have fun on vacation, and I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing your views on the next chapters! :) 4th Apr 12
^above comment is made by me, Kiryn, by the way. :) 4th Apr 12
Two things: Firstly, Kiryn, why don't you log in before posting? Secondly, it's not that the "men are gossips" thing is a genderflip, it's that Robert Jordan decided to make it obvious that both men and women gossip. If you don't notice the latter, it's because you're not paying attention and are so used to women being the gossips that it doesn't stand out when they do.
Sabbo 4th Apr 12
Sabbo, I'm not logging in because I don't have an account here.

As for the gossip thing, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I think he's making a gender-flipped point, but whatever works for you. And I pay attention just fine, thank you kindly. 6th Apr 12
You could always, y'know, make an account.

So you notice how often Mat calls women gossips, and yet ignore it? He does it about as often as women claim that men gossip.
Sabbo 6th Apr 12