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Heroyc Resolve, or, Chapter Eleven

Charles Holland remains baffled by Flora's behavior, which while intended to drive him away only convinces Charles she needs his help.

Henry, who is described as having a pale but handsomely intellectual face, beats around the bush for several paragraphs, emphasizing the shocking and unbelievable nature of the problem. Charles for his part vows that no revelation can sway his love for Flora.

Finally Henry gets around to the vampire thing. Charles is skeptical at first, understandably.

"...The judgement, the feelings, and all the prejudices, natural and acquired, must succumb to actual ocular demonstration."

Henry briefs Charles on events, but Charles is still not convinced about vampires, who appear to violate natural law. Henry then brings up the real reason Flora is pushing Charles away—if vampires are readl, it's quite possible that people bitten by one will become vampires upon death.

Charles isn't going to let the possiblity of Flora's imminent bloodthirsty rampage make him flee. Even if true, it would be dishonorable to abandon the woman he loves.

Then Charles asks to stay and investigate the circumstances. He's realized that if vampires exist, they're physical beings and can thus be captured and destroyed.

Henry points out that the vampire appears to have an Aura Of Fear, but Charles is certain that this can be overcome if you know what's causing it.

They then make arrangements for a watch schedule rotation over Floral, and Charles moves into the portrait room as this is likely the best place to catch the vampire entering.


Another short chapter, which serves principally to establish Charles as a steadfast and thoughtful fello with a strong romantic streak.

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