Fish's Annotated Gold Nuzlocke++ Run


further blargle

So, after thinking I fixed the screenshot problem, it turns out I solved one of the two, but that the screenshot was set to the wrong key. So much herp, so little time to derp it in.

The highlights: Other than Whitney (Clefairy was easy, Miltank nearly killed Lofty before Sleep Powder hit and Beauregard finished it off), I KO'd Sudowoodo (catching it would be breaking the rules).

I picked up the Good Rod by Sequence Breaking a bit and heading to Olivine before beating Morty, for use in Ecruteak.

JULIUS the POLIWAG joined the party.

Since those Poke Balls are not going to get any more effective, and the first Pokemon I saw while training in Mt. Mortar just so happened to eventually be able to learn Fly...

PAZUZU the ZUBAT joined the party.

The full roster of Mons:
  1. BEAUREGARD, Quilava, New Bark Town
  2. BALBOA, Graveler, Route 46
  3. BAARTLEBY, Flaaffy, Route 32
  4. LOFTY, Jumpluff, Route 33
  5. JULIUS, Poliwag, Ecruteak City
  6. PAZUZU, Zubat, Mt. Mortar

All in all, not that bad. While I would certainly rather have a Pidgey/otto/ot or Na/Xatu than Zu/Gol/Crobat, the team should be pretty workable.