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114 - Double Dinobot

We begin on a stormy evening as Megatron re-enacts the "It's Alive" scene of Frankenstein without the shouting of the famous line. His creation: a clone of Dinobot (He goes nameless for most of the episode but eventually is called Clone One, so for clarity's sake I'll call him that). Clone One only has a beast mode and is mostly organic. Megatron wants Clone One to infiltrate the Maximal base and shut down Sentinel. Simple enough. Terrorsaur is given the job to neutralize the real Dinobot, so Megatron can send in the clowns clone.

Dinobot is some distance outside the Axalon, and bored out of his mind. Terrorsaur comes about, transforming and attacking. Dinobot follows suit, and they trade gunfire till Terrorsaur flees in a cave, Dinobot in pursuit. However this was a trap, as Terrorsaur flies back out and blows the exit, burying Dinobot in the cave. He reports his success, and Clone One is dispatched.

He makes it to the Axalon, telling Optimus he's spotted the Predacons readying an attack in grid Omega. Optimus detects nothing, and neither does Rattrap, double checking the ship's sensor. Optimus decides to send "Dinobot" and Rattrap to check it out, and Clone One reluctantly agrees.

So, Megatron couldn't be asked to come up with a reason to make all the Maximals leave the base? Think he could've done better.

In grid Omega, Clone One manages to talk his way out of transforming (dodged that bullet!) and eventually leads Rattrap to a trunk forming a bridge across a river of lava. Convincing Rattrap to cross first, he kicks down the trunk, causing it to fall. Thankfully for Rattrap, it catches deeper inside the chasm before touching the lava. However, in a nice aversion of Convection Schmonvection, the trunk ignites despite not touching the lava... Rattrap then jumps and lands on a rock floating on the lava (Convection Schmonvection re-asserts itself), floating downriver.

In the cavern, Dinobot awakes.

Clone One returns to the base, claiming Rattrap was captured. Optimus has already sent Cheetor and Rhinox on location, and he decides to go. As Clone One is feigning being injured, he tells him to stay behind and get to a CR chamber. Before leaving, Optimus puts Sentinel online.

Clone One tries to disable Sentinel, but runs into two major problems: He lacks the codes, and he also lacks a Maximal Energy signature. Rhinox had the foresight to build Sentinel to refuse orders if it detected something that looked like a Maximal but lacked the proper energy signature. Each time he fails to imput the proper code, Sentinel shocks him.

Yeah, Megatron, I think you could've thought out the whole clone plan a bit more. Worked out a few kinks maybe.

Meanwhile, the Maximals are at grid Omega, and find no sign of Rattrap, till he manages to escape the lava river (and lava waterfall... lavafall?). Rattrap then tells them Dinobot tried to kill him. The Maximals are confused since Dinobot told them to rescue Rattrap.

Dinobot arrives to the Axalon, and orders Sentinel offline. Inside, Clone One thinks he somehow did it, and calls Megatron. As he makes to leave the bridge, he comes face to face with Dinobot. Dinobot transforms, but, upon realizing the intruder can't, returns to beast mode, opting for an honorable fight. Clone one sucker punches him, having no such issue. The two fight until Clone one seemingly knocks Dinobot out, though we see Dinobot's eyes open.

Outside, Megatron approaches the Axalon, and Clone One comes out to greet him, and to surrender the ship to his glorious leader. As Megatron approaches, Clone one orders Sentinel online, who shocks Megatron and repels him with the shields. Clone One then reveals he's the real Dinobot and transforms, and gets in a Beam-O-War with Megatron, till Optimus fires a missile at the beam. With all the Maximals here, Megatron retreats, and Dinobot is cleared as the Maximals heard him talk to Dinobot about the clone thing.

The Maximals survey the damage from the battle in the bridge, and wonder what happened to the clone. Dinobot reveals he's gone.

A shame really. He was such a handsome creature. And quite tasty.

Much to Optimus' disgust.
This episode okay. It's not bad, but I kinda wish they did more with it. Either have Dinobot pose as his clone for longer, or have the clone spend more time trying to keep his cover till he gets rid of the Maximals, which could've led to us seeing Dinobot's relation with each Maximal. It's not a bad episode by any stretch, but I feel they could've done so much more.

  • Future Episode will show Dinobot kept his clone's skin in his quarters.
  • Megatron's use of clones was mentioned before in Double Jeopardy.
  • Megatron being now assured of any Dinobot clones' loyalty will have repercussions. It's not the last of Megatron's Dinobot-inspired clones.
  • Megatron mentions he had acquired Dinobot's DNA to make this clone. Which is odd, seeing as A) Dinobot is a robot, and thus lacks DNA, and B) If he meant Dinobot's beast Mode DNA, he could've just turned on the ship's alt mode scanner again since the fossils that gave Dinobot his beast mode have presumably not left where they were buried.


IIRC, Transformers do have DNA though its called CNA and was introduced in the Marvel Generation 2 comics.
WorldTurtle 2nd Jan 14