Let's Listen: The Punk Rocky Horror Show


"Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)" by The Phenomenauts

Hey guys, remember when I did the Suburban Knights liveblog? (I'll totally get back to it, I swear!) And I skipped over the jungle gym fight because it'd just be paragraph upon paragraph of me saying how funny the scene is?

Well, I have to do this with half the damn song. Here are the main good points:
  1. Unlike most singers on the album thus far, the singer is well aware that he can't touch the original and doesn't try, instead he plays to his own strengths. And those strengths are pretty damn strong. The fact that half of it sounds like it's coming through a megaphone changes nothing—it doesn't add much besides just sounding cooler than one'd expect from the description.
  2. The guitar is just amazing. Fast-paced and frantic, meeting the singer at all the right points, just sheer awesome.

The second half is...well...it's just chanting HOT. PA. TOO. TIE. BLESS. MY. SOUL. I. REALLY. LOVE. THAT. ROCK. N. ROLL ad nauseum, faster and faster until it just stops. It starts out irritating, then becomes awesome when it's spend up enough to sound like an actual sentence, then becomes irritating when it's sped up and warps beyond recognition. The guitar, true to form, is as good as can be underscoring something like that, but it doesn't save it.

Still, first half is fucking amazing. Listen to it. Do it. Now.