Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]

Freezair For A Limited Time

Guys and Dolls

Back, and with a vengeance! IN THIS INSTALLMENT: We begin on the House of Dolls, probably my favorite area in the game! Although little happens in this intro (though it will later), you at least get to see Tom, Crow, and their new pal Gypsy in their spiffy new forms!


Wow, no comments yet? Poor thing. I'll keep you company. :)

If nothing else, I like the name of this one. "Can do! Can do! This guy sez the puppet can do!" (Bonus points if you get the reference, by the way.)


Bwahahah, Ace of Base. -plays "The Sign" at you guys-

Also, yay Salute Your Shorts reference!

Cornville? Well, my grandparents are from West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, which is more like Coalville, but still.

Speaking of touchpads, I'm back on my Gateway (which has a touchpad) after using an old Compaq with a nipple mouse for a few days, and I keep trying to fondle the middle of my keyboard. It's...disconcerting. :P

Heh, magical puppet. At least it wasn't his monkey. :) And damn, Elena, could you be more passive? :/

<Gronk> Poop!

Heh, his physical attack sounds like a broom or a flyswatter or something.

how is tactacs formed. how gaem get pragnant

The card may be stiff, but I love how the gray-haired human dude (the one who levels up next) looks like he's riding a Gazelle most of the time. (I know he's supposed to be walking in place or something, but...I still feel like yelling "YOU CAN DOOOO IT!!!")

And yeah, moar majyyks are always a good thing. :D


"I challenge you to a dihdihbiidibbidibiidi, uh, uh, a fight!"

lee4hmz 28th Nov 11