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We Can Be Heroes

Episode 40 General: Clips from SSX Tricky (PS2), the classic snowboarding game, sandwiching an indie PC game called Blossom. They were examples of cutscenes that you got when you antagonized another boarder after a race, both featuring Elise and two other boarders. What's strange is, both clips had Elise say, “Why don't you just chill out?” It makes her look maybe like a dumb, or at least forgetful, blonde, which she isn't.

Timecode: 4:55: OMG, it's the rhythm minigame from Atlantica (the The Little Mermaid) stage of Kingdom Hearts II IN JAPANESE! In the first game, Atlantica filled gamers' hearts with woe, so Square turned it into a rhythm minigame for the sequel. It was still considered the low point of a wonderful game. It's still cute to hear “Under the Sea” in Japanese, though.

7:56: Duck Doom Deluxe, a mashup between Duck Hunt and Doom. In this PC game, the Doom interface is intact as you use classic Doom weapons (including the BFG 9000) to hunt the ducks, who inexplicably make the same noises as Doom monsters do when shot. Kind of funny, in a black comedy sort of way.

8:29: The highly explanatory trailer for The Twin Heroes Online, a Korean MMORPG. It features such confused English as, “The originatively cute style of martial art leads the world”, “Iteam Mall ] Entirely new mall, and variaty of items makes you distinct from others in ability and style”, and “Marrying NPC [ Accompanied with all kinds of heroes, it's possible to explore the world with the favorite idols. If trying hard, you will get married with heroes”. The art looks very cute, though.

10:20: A cutscene from Indigo Prophecy (PS2, Xbox) where one of the PCs receives a sensual dance from his girlfriend. She starts off wearing a little black dress, but soon takes it off and throws it at him, continuing the dance. Amusingly audacious and clever Scenery Censor ensues.

Weirder still is the Easter egg that you get at the end of the game, also shown at the end of this episode. It reenacts the dancing scene's animation with a number of other characters from the game, including a crash test dummy, a nun, the main character's love interest, and the main character after he's already died and come back to life. It's... not quite as seductive then.


... It was a snowboarding game. That was A PUN. SHE WAS TRYING TO BE FUNNY.
nomuru2d 10th May 12