So You Wanna Do a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Liveblog

Beary Scary

Black Widow

Episode 22 features some of the cute endings for the most important characters (i.e., female) from Dead or Alive 4. Such as Hitomi's breakfast misadventure; Lei Fang's disastrous train ride; and Lisa coming to Tina's aid during a wrestling match. My favorite is the ending for Christie, the British assassin.

The job went down at an upper-class club, where Christie went undercover as an exotic dancer. She performs a provocative dance to this song, and lets her mark get in close before dealing the killing blow. The ending also features a cameo from Ninja Gaiden's Rachel, whom the mark hits on, to her displeasure.

There were some creepy games sprinkled throughout this episode too, like Kamaitachi no Yoru 2 and The Dark Eye. The former, whose title translates to Night of the Sickle Weasels, is a horror-based adventure game with multiple-choice conversations. It was originally released as a "sound novel" for the SNES (!). The choices you make affect the story's outcome and prevents more murders at a skiing lodge, where the game takes place.

The intro for the PS2 version is like a horrifying cross between the old, Japanese-themed Madonna video and the twitchy monsters of Silent Hill 2. There are several quick cuts from such lovely imagery as maggots, tarantulas, and a woman nursing a baby wrapped up in some kind of stocking.

The Dark Eye is a PC horror/graphic adventure game from 1995. This Cult Classic is different from most horror games due to its Claymation art style, which lends the game a very distinct and eerie look and feel.

The story and resultant gameplay is a bit harder to understand. Your unnamed main character visits his uncle, Edwin, and quickly becomes embroiled in your brother Henry's affair with a woman named Elise. Unfortunately, Edwin disapproves of the relationship. Despite this, and your occasional Edgar Allan Poe-themed nightmares, you help Henry and Elise communicate in secret. According to Wikipedia, it doesn't end well for anyone.

The game wasn't lacking for voice talent, featuring Jennifer Hale (Elise), Tom Kane, and William S. Burroughs as Edwin.

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