Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 27 - Blüte der Finsternis

Usually an interesting chapter, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed by this. Yes, I was forced to cover a lot of ground simultaneously, but I can't help this feeling that the hardest part was recruiting Harken.

Anyway, I brought a few Türschlüsseln (Door keys) with me, along with Matthew, so that doors wouldn't be an issue. Heath also came for item-holding and Matt-carrying.

First fortress was quickly dealt with by Sain and Isadora. Florina, Oswin and Canas took care of the Wyvern riders nearby. Step one, cleared.

At this point, the party split: Sain goes north, Hector stays behind to protect Merlinus, Matthew pilfers the chests in the middle fortress and the rest of them keep moving forward.

Hector actually saw some action in this map. 2 Bandits, 2 Wyvern Knights and 1 Wyvern Lord, killed without much of a scratch.

Those also split up. Isadora and Oswin north, Canas and Florina south. They killed everyone outside and then had to wait for Harken (I couldn't open the fourth door until the 10th turn...). Enough time to Isadora to come south, since that side would become trickier.

Meanwhile, Sain simply invades that big northern fortress and breaks his Hand Axe slaughtering all the bowmen there. One of them dropped a Chest Key, so Sain managed to pick up a Talisman. Afterwards, he joins with Oswin, near Jerme's fortress.

Around the time Harken showed up, actually. Oswin recruited him (love that I can recruit him with 6 possible characters) and gave him a steel sword. Hell was unleashed.

Florina, Isadora and Canas then finished both of the southern fortresses swiftly. All that was left was Jerme. Apparently, neither Oswin or Harken were as capable as Sain, the only one who could kill Jerme in one turn.

I checked, Sain has already capped strength, without slacking off in Speed or Skill. Niiice :)

Total Turns: 12

MVP: Canas


Hector - Level 20 - A Axte

KP - 37

Stärke - 19

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 9 - A Lanzen, C Axte

KP - 50

Stärke - 26

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 14

Glück - 12

Verteidigung - 26

Resistenz - 14

Florina - Level 11 - S Lanzen, D Schwerte

KP - 38

Stärke - 21

Fähigkeit - 24

Geschwindigkeit - 26

Glück - 24

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 16

Sain - Level 11 - B Lanzen, B Schwerten, C Axte

KP - 43

Stärke - 25 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 16

Verteidigung - 12

Resistenz - 7

Canas - Level 9 - S Dunkle Magie, D Stäbe

KP - 39

Magische Kraft - 21

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 13

Verteidigung - 14

Resistenz - 18

Isadora - Level 12 - A Schwerten, B Lanzen, C Axte

KP - 43

Stärke - 17

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 17

Verteidigung - 10

Resistenz - 7

Harken - Level 8 - A Schwerten, B Axte

KP - 38

Stärke - 21

Fähigkeit - 20

Geschwindigkeit - 17

Glück - 12

Verteidigung - 15

Resistenz - 10

Thoughts: Welcome aboard, Harken! Tell your wife to man up in the battlefield, will ya? (Goal for next chapter: get a C-support for the Battle Couple. According to Serenes, it's only 10 turns.)


I tried to get Harken my first try in the chapter, but he takes a stupidly long time to show up, so I tried it again for Karel and a shorter time. Sad that I couldn't snag his nifty Braze Sword though.
Alfric 12th Sep 11
I really wanted that sword too, but I got stuck with Karel...and I couldn't even recruit him. Wouldn't have mattered much though, as no one in my party can use a Wo Dao.
Barrylocke 20th Sep 11
In my experience the Brave weapons aren't as useful as you'd think...sure, you can double-attack, but they weigh characters down and do less damage per hit. Unless it's very important to get both strikes in consecutively I find I'm usually better off with something else.
montagohalcyon 1st Oct 11