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Chapter 28: Lady Luck is a Harsh Mistress

Oh Random Number Goddess, why must you torment me so? It was so hard to get a favorable outcome that didn't involve Nino getting Bolting'd by Ursula, Jaffar getting deadified by literally everyone or Zephiel not getting killed by some random Mook. And you won't even help Priscilla out with Speed.


Eliwood, Wil, and Matthew entered through the left door, Eliwood leading the charge. Maxime attacked the Knight Lord, but was killed in one hit by a critical counterattack. Wil picked off the Mage and one of the Thieves. The other Thief was also dealt with by Eliwood as well as the Shamans that came in. One of the thieves had pilfered the Brave Lance from the chest, but he was killed by a Javelin, netting Eliwood the Lance. Eliwood moved towards the fighting around Jaffar, who by that point was at the center, surrounded by everyone with no more uses in his Killing Edge. Once it was clear for Matthew to open the other chest for some Boots, Wil joined Eliwood in fighting off the assailants.

On the other side of the map, Hector, Legault, and Heath pushed through the Fighters, Mage, and Hero and through the door, Priscilla healing all the way. She reached level 20, but she won't be promoted until she can attack, so, Cog of Destiny. Once the door was picked, they pushed through the next set, taking some damage that was healed off easily and the three were buffed with the Barrier staff. Nino was recruited by Hector and put out of the way. Legault opened the next door and opened the chest for the Delphi Shield and Rescue Staff. Heath received the Shield while Priscilla was given the Staff and Rescued Zephiel from his room. Next, Jaffar was brought next to her and Nino spoke to him, but not before she killed a Mercenary in a counterattack. Dammit!

While the war was being fought in the middle, Heath flew to the southeast part of the map, avoiding a Bolting and ended up flying right into Ursula. Both took relatively the same amount of damage from each other's attacks, but her Mercenary guards were of no help to her as they were quickly slaughtered by Heath with no damage to the Wyvern Lord. On turn 14, Heath finished her off.

Sadly, the chapter did not end immediately, so I had to strain another day of survival before the sun came up.

16 turns for not routing the enemy +4 for Nino. So dang, 20 turns.

Hector is level 20. Priscilla is level 20. Legault is level 20. Eliwood is level 20/12. Wil is level 20/12. Heath is level 20/12.


Who are you going to use the boots on?
montagohalcyon 27th Jul 11
Let's see: Vaida, Heath and Priscilla get 8 move. Eliwood gets 7. Legault and Hector get 6.

Probably one of the last two, mostly likely Legault because he lacks a distance attack and so he can keep up with Heath.
hnd03 27th Jul 11