hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03


A couple things: 1) It's not possible to unlock the chests to the southeast and abscond before the mounted brigade destroys Merlinus' tent and murders you. That is, if you happen to be named Wil. 2) The thief is 1 speed faster than Matthew. So sayonara Silver Sword.

This map is definitely a foe tossing charge to the throne. Basically, everyone rushed north, killing everything in their way. Priscilla recruited Raven, who promptly hit the back lines and handed his sword to Oswin. Once the soldiers escaped, Wil helped turn the Shamans into pincushions. Eliwood killed the Fighter to receive a Hammer. In the interests of time, I abandoned Lucius sadly, who does not join you at the end of the map if you do not recruit him. And speaking of time... Oh no I forgot to record the turn count!


The soldiers did their best to kill the Shamans, but ultimately, two of them retreated to heal, while one healed but stood his ground. The Thief to the north had looted the chests for a Knight's Crest and a Silver Sword. Hector OHKO'd him to make him drop the Crest. He then lead the charge to the throne and killed Bernard in a ORKO.

Simultaneously, the two retreating soldiers tried to take down the incoming cavalry with the help of Eliwood. With a cry of "Get Some!", they charged to their own slaughter, leaving one survivor of Caelin. With a salute to their bravery, Hector seized the throne.

Hector is now level 20. Eliwood is now level 16. Wil is now level 8. Priscilla is level 6.