hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 16: Why Am I So Slow

After many grueling failures because of the deaths of a certain frail lord, I finally got through this chapter. Unfortunately, it ended up very slow.

Eliwood, Hector, Lowen, and Oswin set up a wall northeast of the village. The two lords brought down the initial enemies with Priscilla healing.

On the southeastern side, Lyn, Kent, and Sain sold all of their items, except the Mani Katti which Kent is carrying. Sain bought a surplus of Vulneraries, Door Keys, and Heals while Lyn bought more Iron Bows for Wil. After a short push, the southern village was visited by Wil and I received a Heavy Spear for my troubles. However, I was burning through a lot of the Cavaliers' Vulneraries walling in Wil as he attacked everyone that surrounded them.

A Thief tried to take the western Village, but Florina blocked him off and Eliwood killed him. Eliwood then moved down towards cadre Caelin and killed the two Brigands, allowing Lyn to escape and giving the other three more wiggle room. Wil would spend the rest of the map killing the third Brigand, the two Mercenaries, and the Myrmidon.

Afterwards, the original party moved east and killed off those enemies. After a couple kills, Hector moved to the northwest and murdered the incoming Cavaliers. Priscilla healed Eliwood and visited the western village for the Red Gem because he was doing pretty okay by himself. And by okay, I mean he killed everything single-handedly. Including the boss with his Rapier for a 1RKO.

Sadly, Eliwood cannot seize in Hector mode, so Hector had to make the long trek back across the hills. Priscilla escorted him to the castle though and Eliwood spoke to him to build a C support. Yay!

21 turns.

Hector is level 17, Eliwood is level 14, Priscilla is level 5, and Wil is level 6.