hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

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Chapter 14: Erik Doesn't Care For Old Dudes

This chapter went fairly smoothly. Hector took down the soldiers on the right while Lowen, Serra, and Eliwood went west towards the village. Oswin tanked the middle as Marcus headed south to recruit Priscilla, killing everything in the way. Eliwood snagged the Iron Blade and held off the enemies that were funneled towards him while Oswin and Lowen protected the squishy wizards. Hector gave some support but struggled through the rain to protect Merlinus from the Pegasus Knights.

After Priscilla was recruited, she bought some Heal staves. But then she and Marcus were followed by Erik and his cavalry, both taking hits, but surviving. When Erik attacked Marcus, he was eventually defeated and his Silver Lance in my possession. After dispatching the myrmidon that Eliwood fought, the battle was over.

12 turns.

Hector is level 13, Eliwood is level 8, and Marcus and Priscilla are level 3.