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Chapter 13: Christ That Was Hard
I gave the spare axes to Hector and the swords to Eliwood. Marcus took the western route and snagged the Torch from the village and murdered the forces on that side. Yay for Jeigans!

The eastern side was not so lucky. Eliwood and Hector lead while Oswin and Lowen escorted Matthew and shielded their lords. After taking down the Brigand and Archers, they made their way to the village. While another Brigand got there first, he chose to attack Eliwood from afar rather than ransack the place.

All Hell broke loose.

After the Lords dispatched the bandit, Eliwood hid in the village to heal while Oswin blocked him from attack. The bulk of the enemy forces swarmed everyone. Guy critted the Knight for minor damage. And rather than kill Hector, Guy attempted to hit Matthew but missed. He was recruited and his Killing Edge went to Eliwood. Of course I'm ignoring the fact that everyone was trying their damndest to not die, but with Guy's recruitment and Marcus coming full circle to help, the tables turned and the grunts were killed eventually.

Eliwood attacked Boies for minor damage to level up and Hector destroyed him.

16 turns. Boo.

Hector is level 9, Eliwood is level 5, and Marcus is level 1.
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