Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Morons in the Plaza

I wander out of the pokemon centre after healing my team. I look over to the west side of town and spot a small crowd which has gathered around a stall selling pokeballs of varying colors.

Salesman: (Who appears strangely familliar) That's it, we have plenty of lovely pokemon to sell here today! -A few people in uniforms are handling transactions-

<These guys are morons... And they're blocking the Plaza. They're... Plaza Morons. Or Plazmorons for short, yeah, Plazmorons. That's what I'll call them.>

I walk away from the stall and run into someone I've seen before. And by run, I mean crash.

Me: Sorry...

Black Clad Fangirl: Don't worry Pentigan.

Me: Oh, you again. I haven't seen you since Jubilife.

BCF: And vice-versa.

Me: So what are you doing here?

BCF: I'm doing a gym challenge.

Me: So am I!

BCF: Hm... Maybe I should see how powerful your pokemon are? -Draws a pokeball-

(Yes, I'm replacing N with the Black Clad Fangirl.)

Me: Okay.

~-~ You are challenged by Pokemon Trainer Black Clad Fangirl! ~-~

After knocking out her Purrloin...

BCF: Wow, you're good.

Me: Thanks.

BCF: Maybe I'll see you around sometime. -Wanders off towards the next Route-

Me: Well that was strange...

I finish talking to the locals in town and head off to the next town.