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Three installments within 24 hours? What has the world come to?


So yeah. I left off with Sia in the classroom, who's wearing a PE uniform, and Rin has just realized that he's interested in a life of polygamy with two of the same person. Paraphrased, of course.

To start, Sia gets in a panic when Rin starts feeling her up right there and then, but after a bit of persistence on Rin's part, she gives in. Cue scene.

Note of interest: During the middle of the scene, it gets revealed that Sia & Lisianthus don't share one body, and it's just that only one can be on the surface at a time. That's magic for you, I guess. It does make me wonder though... what if only one got pregnant, or otherwise noticeably changed their appearance?

Afterward though, Rin modestly thanks Sia for loving him, to which she replies that it was his attitude like this which made her and Lisianthus like him in the first place.


In the classroom again at lunchtime/the end of school (it's implied that Saturdays are an early finish), Lisianthus asks Rin if they could hang out for a while. He agrees, knowing that even if he already had plans, he'd cancel them for Lisianthus. They head for the cafeteria (and talk about how hectic it is there), then the rooftop (and talk about how it gets too cold to eat there during winter), then the pool (and talk about who's allowed to swim when), then the athletics track (and talk about how neither of them are in any clubs), then the hallway (where Lisianthus talks about wanting some memories. Reminds me of when Nerine was determined to leave), and then finally the classroom, where it has already turned dark due to the night.

He's taken his time, I think, but here Rin finally asks Lisianthus what's wrong. She's a bit evasive, and uses the same line as Nerine that it's something she's already decided, and even in this case it is still about leaving, but in this case she cites the reason as being related to her biological mother. As it turns out Lisianthus is Nerine's father's sister's daughter. Lisianthus' father had that union with a noticeable political motive, wanting to bring their two worlds closer together. Lisianthus then claims irony in the fact that the sole heiress of the Gods is half-Devil. She then goes on to talk about Sia, unaware that Rin knows her quite well, and what relation her Devil side has to the world around her... as far as she knows. Rin is speechless, and when Lisianthus says that she's about to change to her other half for an unforeseeable length of time, she tells Rin to forget about her - that she's been loved and has loved enough. He refuses to forget, but she switches anyway.

After a white flash of light (Well, I'm not sure if "flash" is the right word; it lasted a couple of seconds), Sia is standing there, and in a line, calls her sister's decision stupid and selfish. I don't disagree, and I doubt Rin would either.


Classroom again, this time in the morning. Itsuki and Mayumi call Rin out to the hallway, asking why Lisianthus/Sia is different. After they come up with the idea that Rin had a fight with her, he calmly denies it and walks back into the class. Inside, he briefly talks with Sia about how she and Lisianthus are their own people, yet Lisianthus was unable to accept or realize that.


In the classroom after school, empty but for Rin and Sia, he points out how she has remained unchanged. She replies that she has no reason to change; that she's not going to be like Lisianthus just because everybody wants her to. As she leaves, she says how nobody greets her when she gets home, and asks Rin "You prefer... Sia, too, right?", then leaves without really expecting an answer.

Staring out the window, Rin wonders whether there's anything he can do to help, but knows that he really should figure out a way to help.


In the neighborhood at night, Rin walks alone, still trying to think of what he can do. In his daze though, he only barely notices how Sia has just walked past him, heading for the the school. He has a bad feeling about it and follows her all the way to the school's athletics track. When he tries calling her name a couple of times - "Sia", both times - she looks annoyed and somewhat sad, saying that she's not Sia - that she can't be Sia. As she talks, it becomes clear to Rin that all Sia wanted was to love and be loved, and that Lisianthus was the only person who did that for her (she claims). As magical light surrounds her, she declares that everything she has is not hers, but is actually all Lisianthus'. And she, as we all know, is not Lisianthus.

In her anguish, she cries out about how everybody only sees and wants to see Lisianthus; nobody wants her, she says. When Rin realizes something he can do for her, she attempts to knock him down with magic, but he stays resilient and holds his ground, and in his pain, gives her the one thing which she has never been given before and no one has ever attempted to give her before.

A name.

The newly-dubbed Kikyou immediately calms down in her shock, and as she says her new name a few times, Rin loses himself to his pain and faints.


Finally, the end.

Rin is walking through the neighborhood on his way to school alone - as Kaede had to leave earlier, having some things to do - and Lisianthus shows up, and noticing that he's alone, pounces on him and declares that she loves him (Odd though how she - a bright, cheery, and often shameless person - uses "suki" instead of any stronger term). And as she tries to kiss him, he realizes something: It's actually Kikyou. She runs away once he calls her out on it, and we can hear Lisianthus berate her other half for trying to claim that which isn't hers. Kikyou responds by saying that sharing the same husband would be nice, and Lisianthus agrees.

It's nice to see the two of them swapping freely and being able to communicate so well compared to any other time I know of. And the swapping isn't even flashy. Rin monologues how sometimes only one is awake, like before, but sometimes they both are, like now. (I bet only Lisianthus is awake at home. :P) He's happy, but realizes that it'll still take some getting used to.

Cue credits. And that girl in the credits I didn't recognize? her name is annoyingly entirely in kanji, so I can't read it. The name of the person who plays her though is listed as YURIA, which can't help but make me think of Yuria 100 Shiki.


So yeah. I'm thinking I'll do Kaede next, but am of course willing to hear what people have to say first; it'll be another week before I start the next run.



It's Yandere time
Envyus 30th Jul 11
Well, She never goes Yandere in the VN. Ever. Even in Asa's route.

Kaede or Asa would be the logical next step. I'd prefer doing Asa's last though.
neobowman 8th Aug 11
Whoops. That was supposed to be in spoiler tags. Guess that doesn't work here. Oh well, not too important.
neobowman 8th Aug 11
Yeah, I've tried using spoilers here before as well. No luck even in the main body of these liveblogs, let alone the comments.

Annoyingly, another markup which doesn't work is to use two backslashes to force a single line break, to make lines closer together than pressing enter twice.


As for who I'm doing last, I'm currently thinking Primula (because of the order Shuffle! always puts the characters in), but I may reconsider at the end of Kaede's route. We'll see.
Sabbo 9th Aug 11