Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Just a foremention: My headphones broke. The good news is that I can hear most music just fine through them. The bad news is that most voices sound as though they're spoken through a microphone on the other side of a large room (with the size of the room depending on the particular voice). The effect this will have is that I won't be able to as easily pick out translation oddities. So it goes, I guess.

But yes. Welcome back. Through my next run I shall, as requested, aim for the Lisianthus route. I don't expect any difficulties.


Everything's pretty much the same as last time. Nerine's father and Itsuki having their odd little conversation, Itsuki getting carted away by the teacher due to missing an extra lesson (Why did he have an extra lesson in the first place? Isn't he meant to be smart?), meeting up with Lisianthus buying meat, and hearing Nerine's/Lycoris' song... Oh, and the voices - all of them - were worse than I expected; I had to turn down the BGM volume significantly just to hear the tone of their voices, let alone the words themselves.

Interestingly, I realize in this reading through that Mayumi gets mentioned while Rin is looking at Lisianthus. Something about her not being like other Devils. Asa is also mentioned, as a comparison to Lisianthus' genki-ness. Not that the translation uses the word genki. I also note that when parting with Nerine, Rin says he'd like to hear her sing again, to which she replies "Sure, if there's another chance...". Doesn't that contradict her later characterization?

And just before the day ends, Rin laments the upcoming rainy season... which, if I recall, was only of any note twice during Nerine's route, one of which regarding Kaede, and one regarding Primula. Why make such a big issue of it?


And today's the same as well. Kaede's wakeup call, Asa's interruption while going to school, meeting Mayumi... hang on...

Huh. Her name is said here as "Mayumi Thyme", while, oddly, the sound options panel says "Mayumi=Thyme". Darn, and here I was hoping that Thyme was the name of the mystery girl I saw in the ending credits.

And Kaede is, again, as sharp as ever. I think I mentioned it last time, but I still like how she guesses exactly why and how there are two transfer students coming to our class at the same time. And how both Rin & Mayumi dismiss the idea so casually.

And after the teacher's interrogation of Rin, we get the scene which makes me interested in how her route will go: Rin unintentionally convincing Kaede to let him carry her around while shopping until they get home. Adorable.


The same again. From home to school, the lack of guys in the classroom, the surprise "introduction" by the fathers, and the girls themselves... I do note however that Nerine tells her father not to talk about when she and Rin met all those years ago. However, after the fathers leave and it becomes the first break time, I call Mayumi out of the room to ask a question...

Ask about Sia

And I won't bother listing the other option because that's not what I want to know about this time around.

I go up to the third-year's rooms, and enter Asa & Kareha's room. As I call out for her though, I am given many harsh looks. Rin is pretty oblivious, but obviously news of Lisianthus & Nerine's intentions have reached up here too. Asa clues Rin in on his position. Is there any trope for traveling faster than the speed of gossip? Because I would find it terribly amusing.

While Rin explains how he feels his life has become more of a tragedy than a fairytale, Asa sympathizes with the guy's feelings of being jealous that me & Kaede live together. Not that she phrases it that way, but the view is obvious, considering stuff Kareha said during Nerine's route. She is similarly jealous of the two transfer student's feelings for me. I explain that I don't remember them, and want to learn more about Lisianthus.

...I wonder if I'll get tired of writing her name out in full. :|

Kareha is of little help, being far more interested in the fact that I came all the way up to their classroom to find out more about the god. Asa seems a bit embarrassed about this fact, and apologizes that I won't be able to find anything out today.

Lunch now. The hard to read blue writing (instead of an easy white) tells me that this is the exact same text as when I read this during my quest for Nerine, so I'll once again merely summarize. Unless I get any epiphanies, of course.

Itsuki is loud when getting the new girls to eat with us. Mayumi reaffirms her position as a Shipper on Deck for Kaede. Lisianthus & Nerine recount what they remember of me from 8 years ago. They are both ecstatic when I mumble my vague memories of them (Although I bet Nerine wouldn't be so glad if I remembered enough right then to comment on her eyes :P). And Itsuki asks if he can beat me up a few times.

At home, the girls and their fathers have come to throw a party, to the great surprise of Rin & Kaede. The neighboring houses are revealed to be theirs. The fathers are shocked at Rin's address of "shinoh-sama" and "maoh-sama". Rin resigns himself to an unimaginable future.


Blue writing again, as expected. Kaede suggests I, in my drunkenness, skip school, but I warn that this would likely make Lisianthus & Nerine take it poorly. Lisianthus greets us as we leave, with her father fearing delinquents will cause trouble. Nerine's father shows up and has a magical staring competition with Lisianthus' father. Rin (Probably because he's an idiot when drunk) cuts in and says that he's not getting married to anyone yet.

At school, Itsuki informs me that Lisianthus & Nerine already have fan clubs. In the cafeteria, Asa & Kareha have come to bug me about who I like most; I, of course, answer thusly:


Just like last time (although in white writing instead of blue), Kareha is interested while Asa remarks how Kaede seems to have turned me away by being too close. I complement Lisianthus' friendly smile and bright personality, to which Kareha gets even more interested... in blue text. Also in blue text, Asa says how she's happy to know how I feel, and wishes me good luck in my final choice.

...And I think that will do for today. If I remember correctly, the next day has Primula's introduction.



You can change the writing colour in the options if you want. I did it so the writing's easier to read.
neobowman 11th Jul 11
I... can? I MUST DO THIS.

Maybe to a grey, so that I can still differentiate between old stuff and new.
Sabbo 11th Jul 11
Yeah, took me a while to find the best shade. Well worth it.

There's not many new characters aside from the ones you meet at first... Hmm, there's Asa's mom and.... Not much else.
neobowman 11th Jul 11
Wait,, you read the whole thing from start to finish again? I just skipped all blue text.
Kayeka 11th Sep 11
For the most part I only partly read the stuff I had read before; this should become far more apparent in later installments.

-Sabbo 12th Sep 11