A Spelunker's Adventure Through Caves with Significantly Less Ghosts

Reecer 6

4 - Rope Expensions

Note: Caveins are a way to say I died usually.

Day Twenty Two

After sleeping over a bit outside Hor's shop like a gamer camping for a PS3, I bought the cape. I thanked him for his business and left the shop. I encountered 2 pile of gold bars and a speck of gold on this "floor" of the cave. Well, the was another pile on the other side of a hole but I missed the jump and my cape didn't save me from losing one heart from fall damage. I couldn't reach it without a rope, but I didn't think it was worth it. I then incautiously walked right into an arrow trap and I lost two hearts and flew into a gold bar head first and now I'm angry. Luckily, there's a snake nearby to whip at and vent my anger. However, I notice an altar, different than the gold idol one. This idol looks like a sacrifice idol. I guess that might help me if I find any carcasses. Sadly, snakes bats and spiders just explode into particles of blood. By the way, behind the snake was a pot of gold. And then I found another pot of gold and some other loot behind reaching a ladder. Up it was MORE GOLD and a passage into a spider. I killed the spider and the bat behind it, but I found no exit. Where was the hole down? But then I remembered it was back near the other hole. down it was MORE FREAKING GOLD. It's like the cavedwellers had no currency! I then found a caveman and OH GOD ANOTHER CAVEIN

Oh man I hate caveins. So I guess I'm back to the beginning. I begin in sort of a large cradle in the middle of a chasm. I expend a rope to reach a hole near the top. However, it was not worth it as only 3 units of GOOOOOOLLLLLD was up there and 2 were unreachable without another rope. Down the chasm I found a pot of gold and an exit to the chasm. Through it was another wider chasm, in which I found some gold and more leftwards. I found 2 sapphires (Woah! Not-Gold!) and some gold. I found a hole at the top of this room to lots of ladder rooms, supposedly stockrooms. It held less valuables then I expected. However, I found the exit and there was valuables there, making up for the stockrooms. I realize TRIXIE is on the otherside of a wall I cannot just pass, so I have to expend another rope to get her. And there's no gold over there either! Oh well, at least I have five hearts now. I'll update to CULI now.