The Journal of Teddy Brown

Awesome Zombie 22

Heya. I'm Teddy Brown.


My dad just got me this journal today, he said it was an early birthday present. I'm pretty sure this thing could be useful. After all, I might find funny stuff in here when I'm older and share it with people. Anyway, I'm thinking of how dull school is. I can't wait until summer, where I can hang out with my friends all day. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My name's Terra Brown, but I think that sounds way too girly, so I like to be called Teddy, or just Ted. My dad's really rich, too. Actually, he isn't my real dad. I heard that my old family couldn't afford a kid, so they put me up for adoption. I can smell my hotdogs cooking, so I'm gonna stop writing in here.


I almost forgot I even had this journal, I had so much stuff to do at school. We were studying Ancient Greece and some other things. Right now, my memory's sort of blocked by the fact that IT'S FREAKING SUMMER BREAK ALREADY!! Finally, I get to be with my friends! Lewis is my best friend. He's taller than me, but he's actually a year younger. When we play games, we usually play Co-Op. George is a few grades above us, and he works as a cashier at Taco Bell. We don't hang out with him as often during school days, but on long breaks, we can go to Taco Bell and talk when he's off duty. Anyway, my birthday's coming soon, and my dad says that his surprise is going to be big. Since he's really rich, it could be anything, really.


You're not gonna believe this, but... the surprise was a fucking cruise! Oh yeah, how many nine- sorry, ten-year olds get a cruise for their birthday? I couldn't bring my friends, though. It was only made for two. Ah well, a cruise is still a cruise, after all! God, I'm so excited! I'm going to pack all my things, and get ready!

Okay, right now, I'm on the boat. Dad got me a bowie knife, he calls it. I dunno what David Bowie has anything to do with knives, but, whatever. I'm gonna go to bed, I have so many things planned for tomorrow! I just can't get over how awesome this is!


I'm curious how many 10-year-olds in '99 would know who David Bowie is, m'self.

Although he got his stage name from said knives, so I dunno?
FreezairForALimitedTime 8th Mar 11