The Journal of Teddy Brown

Awesome Zombie 22

Raft Failure, Gem Chaser


I woke up with my throat feeling like I swallowed sandpaper, so I drank some of my canteen. The radio said that they've called off a search for survivors on islands. Wait, who decided to send the rescue team anyway? Was it dad? He's still alive? Yeah, he must be. After all, if my kid was lost at sea, I'd send a rescue team after 'em. But wait, that's not the point... dammit, I was so excited by the fact that my dad's still alive that I forgot that it's been called off! I guess I just have to find a way offa this island by myself! I'm gonna make a raft and sail away! I'm gonna write back when I'm done with it, or something else happens. LU: I got some lumber, but I wasn't able to build my raft because it started to rain really heavy. Ah well, I'm tired, anyway. I wish I had my Gameboy with me.


I didn't get any sleep last night. The rain was so loud and roaring, and when I closed my eyes, I saw this creepy guy holding a knife running at me. There was also an animal crying out in pain. Though at some point, I imagined that I cried myself to sleep or something, since eventually, I shut down. When I got out of bed, I saw that the hut was ruined by the weather. I feel so sorry for the person who made that hut for me. All their hard work to protect me and it's just... ruined. Then I reminded myself that feeling bad for myself doesn't really accomplish much, and it's not that it's completely destroyed, just... a huge hole in the roof, that's all. I guess being deprived of sleep makes a guy feel depressed. The animal I heard in my sleep was the monkey. He was trapped under these planks, and, even though he stole my knapsack, I don't exactly think that meant he should die, so I used my Big Stick to push the stuff off. I decided to name him Chagero, or Chag, for short. He likes to rest on my shoulder, and that makes me feel like a pirate. I heard that some pirates had monkeys instead of parrots, but I could be wrong. I decided to continue making the raft instead of fixing the hut, because, if I play my cards right, I won't need that hut anymore. Still, I left the Big Leaf and these two  broken-off planks beside it.

LU: I noticed that my knapsack was getting heavy, so I put the Radio, Big Stick, and Umbrelleaf in the chest in the hut. Now to continue the building! LU: I killed a chicken, plucked the feathers, and cooked it. Chag was looking hungry, so I split it with him. I also drank the rest of what was in my canteen. Now I have to get more things and refill it. LU: I refilled my canteen and picked up this large rock. I ate a Round Berry to regain my energy, but still felt tired. I went home and fell asleep.


Ya know? Sometimes, carrying lumber can be tedious, especially when you can only take them one at a time. It took me an entire day to haul the rest of the lumber over. Oh, and the rain also makes it a lot harder, since it's all slippery and muddy. I'm gonna go home. I'm going to find a way off of this place. But every time I say that, I can just imagine how I'll be when I go back home. I'd be wondering, "Why didn't I save that other kid on the island? Is he still alive? What was his name? What did he look like? Would we have been friends? Closer than that?" for the rest of my life. I have to find him, and I have to remember that whining only makes things worse. I drank a bit from my canteen and I'm going to try to sleep.


Ya know what? I decided to fix my hut, anyway. It actually went quicker than I expected. I felt hungry and thirsty, so I'm going to hunt for food. LU: I killed another deer and ate it. Since It made enough for two, I shared some with Chag, and we drank out of the lake. After drinking out of the lake, I decided to fill my canteen all the way to the top. LU: I finally finished the raft, and now I need to get some food for the trip, so I cooked these two clams that were on the beach. LU: I cooked a chicken, ate a Sweet Fruit to keep myself from falling asleep, got a Hard Fruit, and cooked another clam. All right, now I'm ready to sail. I decided to leave Chag behind, for his own good. I'm not sure if we'd be able to both survive with the amount of food I have, and if I go down, I don't want to take anyone with me. Holding back tears, I waved him goodbye as I sailed away. Right now... I feel sort of tired. Goodnight.


Oh god, I'm stranded again. And I lost a lot of things in my knapsack from the storm. Not to mention that my feet feel like they've been pounded with a hammer, and when I walk, it feels like they're gonna explode. It's good that I didn't bring Chag here. LU: I can't believe it, just as I was about to just fall down and let the bears eat me, I saw Chag on the island, looking at this  star-shaped stone. I would have ran over to him, but I tripped from how weak my legs were, and Chag noticed me, face down in the sand, he ran over to me. I looked up at him, and had enough strength to get up on my knees and hug him. I thought I was going to die alone, but he was there. I thought, since Chag was here, that the current swept me right back onto the island. Then, he gave me  this berry that he picked, it looked sort of like a huge seed. I teared up a bit and wiped my eyes, I don't know why, but the fact that he went looking for me and he got a berry for me... I don't know why, I was just getting sentimental. I ate the berry and felt much better, like I was enveloped in a warm glow. It was the tastiest thing I ever eaten.

LU: I picked up the Star Gem and I can't believe it, but I didn't notice this huge industrial factory-like building in front of me. When I walked inside, I saw this huge ship and a bunch of squared with sockets of various shapes in them. I could easily guess from the Star Gem and the holes that I was supposed to find more of these gems. LU: When I put the Star Gem in the star-shaped hole, the chain that connected from the square stone to the boat broke. I went inside of the ship and it was like a home. There was a chest in it, too, but I couldn't think of a reason why I should put what I have away. I thought that there was nothing I could really do in there, so I walked out, and saw that there was a door leading outside. I went out there and picked up a stick, since, like I said before, this island has taught me that sticks are the most useful things in existence.

LU: I found an Evergreen and made another torch out of it. Then I took some tree bark with me in case I find another stick to make kindling. LU: I found this area where there was another Umbrelleaf and crocodiles were blocking my way. I need to find a way to paralyze them. LU: I cooked deer meat and shared it with Chag, then I preserved the other large hunk of meat from it with a Soft Berry. LU: I found a Big Stick in the grass and ate a chicken, I think I'll use the stick to move this boulder in the same place with the crocs. LU: It started to rain, so when it got dark, i couldn't make a fire to use my torch, so I had a limited vision range, but when I moved the boulder, I went back to the place I used to be, and I was getting tired from the rain, so I went to my hut and fell asleep.


I took out the Umbrelleaf from my hut and went out into the rain. LU: I went back into the cave I went through to find the batteries, and I was bitten by a spider! I didn't feel so good, but it didn't kill me. I also got snake and mouse meat. I'm wondering what those taste like. LU: Okay, to answer past-me's question, mice taste awesome. But that's not what's important right now. What's important is that I saw a friggin' skeleton in a cave, who has a notebook on traps. Now, the damn thing fell apart before I could read further, but... what if that skeleton was the person who helped me? Wait, I doubt that his clothes and his skin would decay that quick. No, it was just someone else... thank god. LU: A friggin' boar attacked me, I don't feel good... my chest is bleeding a little. But still, Christ, how did I survive that? I'm no ordinary ten year old, that's for sure. Oh yeah, I found a Rhombus Gem in this forest area. Now all I need to find out is how to get back on that part of the island. For now, I'm going to go to bed.