The Journal of Teddy Brown

Awesome Zombie 22

I'm A Child Prodigy

DISCLAIMER: I had accidentally erased my original save file for this LP, so I had to go through the game until I reached the point after you get the Tree Sap. So, if you notice any inventory inconsistencies or other things, that is why.


My preserved chicken meat was stolen when I was sleeping. Maybe by that same stupid monkey who stole my knapsack. I swear, if I find that guy again, I'm gonna give him the beating of a lifetime. LU: I ate another rabbit, and when I cut off it's head with my knife, I can't believe this, but I actually said, "Take that, you bunny bastard!". I know, right? I want out of this place, but I want to find the person who's helping me, too... LU: I went to the area near where I got my knapsack stolen, and I found a stick behind tall grass, when I put the tree sap on the top, I was able to use it as a torch. In case it gets night out, I'll be able to see now. I'm making a lot of things now, like, I'm getting used to being stranded in the wilderness. LU: A goddamn cheetah attacked me. You read right. A cheetah. I swear I'm not hallucinating when I say that a friggin' cheetah attempted to murder me... and I was able to live to write about it. I'm convinced. I am completely convinced that I will go down in history. I swear, if my name isn't put in history books, then they should take out a lot more people from history if their standards are that high. I mean, I'm a ten year old who killed a cheetah with a knife and ate it. LU: I went north and pushed this huge boulder aside. Then I went into this cave. Since it was dark and I just made a torch, I decided to use it. I'll write later when I get out of the cave.

LU: The cave was full of spiders and bats. The bats were really friggin' annoying. First of all, they were small targets, and if that weren't bad enough, they were quick and moved erratically. I also found these two sticks in the cave, 'cause being on this island has taught me that sticks are the most useful things in the entire universe. I also ate a Slick Fruit and found another cave. LU: Inside the cave was this hunk of iron that I combined with one of the sticks to make an axe. Good, now I can cut down those trees I saw outside. LU: I picked up this really huge leaf and cut down the pine trees. I saw the monkey digging a hole, and I scared it off so I could see what was in it. He was digging for a broken radio. How did that get here? Is the same person who's been helping me I looked inside it, and it had batteries. I took them for my own radio. LU: It got dark, so I used my torch again, then I found this  weirdly shaped leaf, I suppose I could use it as an umbrella when it rains. I also ate this  sugary berry. Then I went home and put the batteries in the radio. I guess the water ruined how it functioned, because I couldn't hear anything. So I decided to just go to sleep.


FreezairForALimitedTime 8th Mar 11