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Chapter One: An Evening of Incident (Sort Of)

Sharky's Note: This liveblog was originally started on the forum on September 7, 2010 and has been revived due to semi-popular demand. As an interactive liveblog, some reposted information will not make sense unless taken in context with requested actions from readers. For full understanding of reposted information, please see the original thread here.

Retroactive requests for scenes that have already been passed will still be accepted and featured in bonus sections after every update, if there are any.

Because I need some sort of pause to regain my sanity between liveblogging issues of Sonichu, letís play The PK Girl. For those of you whoíve never heard of it, The PK Girl is a text-based visual novel played on ADRIFT Runner, which should explain itís obscurity.

You play as a regular, mundane guy who gets wrapped up in a world of conspiracy and danger after witnessing the kidnapping of a young girl with amazing powers. Itís up to you to not only help her older sister Laurie rescue her, but take down the organization behind the kidnapping— and all while wooing your choice of eight local girls!

Since itís a text-based game, putting in commands is how you play. You have access to a very large range of commands for interacting with your environment (such as run, kick, eat, talk, etc.), and the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) allow you to travel across the map, as well as up and down. If you can think of something to do, you can most likely do it, but you can only travel to rooms mentioned in the area description.

To make the LP more interactive, you will be deciding what I do. After every update, Iíll take suggestions on what to do in the area Iím in. Commands are entered in the Ď(action) item/personí format, i.e. Ďtake bookí or Ďtalk to Carlí, and can get very specific in some cases. You can ask anyone about anything, but they might not know anything about it. Some conversations and choices will either net you points with one of the available love interests, or take points away if you say or do the wrong thing.

You can also pick up and carry around just about every item you come into contact with. You can even attack NP Cs, if you choose to. Just assume you can do anything, no matter how nonsensical. Push the limits; be creative. Thereís no penalty for trying something the game isnít prepared for.

So, with all that out of the way, letís begin.


An Evening of Incident


Two tires roll to a halt on pavement. As you switch off the engine of your motorcycle, the hum decreases to a terminal choke that is replaced without interval by the sound of conversation and carefree laughter. Around you people are moving to and from an open double doorway up a ways to the north; the inviting entrance to Majesty Mall.

It is relatively early in the evening; the air is cool but not cold, and the night is not yet dark. This is that time when friends are want to meet together and pursue wholesome recreation in and around the grounds of the mall. Having an atmosphere conducive to pleasant joviality, Majesty Mall has always been a popular hangout, especially among the youth of Rittersburg City. However, your particular reason for stopping in tonight is to sample again the ice cream served by the best ice cream parlor in town.

Although four-wheeled vehicles do pass through, this autonomous spot of pavement is too narrow a place for them to stall. It is just right for bicycles and motorbikes such as yours. Beyond the capillaries and side streets that run off in three directions, the more major roads that make up the city can be seen, buildings of all shapes mingled among them. It's the heart of the metropolis that you've come to, or the equivalent for a city of this size. The object of your interest, Majesty Mall, lies north. Your motorcycle is properly parked on the pavement.

So, weíre sitting on our motorcycle in the mall parking lot. Thereís pretty much nothing to do out here, so letís move inside where there are people to irritate and shops to loiter in.

> north

(Getting off your motorcycle first) You move north.

Rittersburg may not be your hometown, but its nearness to your place of dwelling has made it possible for you to take this detour on your way back this evening. If what you have seen of the city so far is representative of it, quality ice cream parlors are only one element of an altogether agreeable place to live.

You stand at the mall's canopied entrance. There are retaining walls on either side leading up to an open double doorway just northward. These doors are always open. Perhaps because there are no other malls in this city, this one is always open late. A steady bi-directional stream of shoppers bustles about the entrance, while now and then a vehicle pulls up momentarily to pick up passenger or party.

> north

As you attempt to enter the mall, somebody bumps into you quite intentionally. "Well, don't I know you?", asks a dry voice.

It's Jerrick, the snide rich boy whom you only know because you had the privilege of running into him the last time you were at this mall's ice cream parlor. And his same two buddies, Vin and Gill, are with him. What terrible luck to be running into them all again.

"Now donít tell me, your name was... well, wouldnít you know, it hasnít kept."

Our first meeting with the jerkass Jerrick. I seem to be missing my picture of him, but weíll be seeing more of him before the storyís over anyway.

This is also where we get to name our faceless hero. His default name is Garrett, but let's do something different. Any suggestions?

Also, if you wanted to do something in the parking lot or around the entrance, feel free to throw out ideas for those areas as well. With the exception of two locations we'll get to much later, we can go to any location again as often as we like.