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Awesome Zombie 22

Pre-Reading Thoughts

Okay, let me start with myself. I hate Mary Sues with a fiery passion. I know, I know, who doesn't? But... I hate them because I try so hard, so hard to prevent my characters from being Mary Sues, and then these people just go and make a blatant overpowered, bland, Author Avatar. It just makes me feel so sad that people make a story only for themselves and not care. On the other hand, if these people didn't exist, I wouldn't have any hope. I don't think my characters are especially deep, hell, I haven't even written most of my stories yet. Now, this is completely blind. I don't know anything in this story first-hand. I heard it has a main character who is all the Mary Sue types, and that it is basically The Legend of Zelda's answer to My Immortal. Other than that, I know nothing. I also heard that one person discontinued their liveblog, and if I could make it through Sonic Shadow X, I can make it through this!

...I hope.


One thing that's very important to realize is the fact that it's ultimately fairly easy to create characters that aren't Sues. The real trick is making that non-sue into an engaging and interesting character.
EponymousKid 24th Feb 11
I know. It's just that I'm terribly paranoid about things, so I make extra sure to balance them out.
AwesomeZombie22 24th Feb 11
Going onto this thing blind? We've got such sights to show you. This is gonna get fun :D
slowzombie 25th Feb 11
I'm totally showing this on DMF Ap FFT 40 K (Darren Motherfucking Azaki presents Fanfic Theatre 40000) when I finish My Immortal itself.
inhumanundead 16th Mar 11