Let Us Now Listen To The Discographies Of Various Musicians

Mike K


Last Christmas, an internet friend gave me the full discographies of several musical artists, in what I assure you is a completely legal manner. I decided that listening to these discographies and writing about them would be a fun way to get into music I've never heard or just would not have normally given a chance.

The criteria for what artists I choose are mainly as follows:

1) I must have all or most of their albums already on hand (if there's an album or two missing I can always go get them for the purposes of the blog)

2) Either I'm more or less completely new to the artist or else the number of albums I haven't heard outnumber the ones I have. I just want to focus on music I've never heard before.

Bands/artists with 10 or more albums will probably get their own separate liveblogs, everyone else will go here. Sometimes I'll solicit comments on who to write about next, sometimes I'll just decide on my own. Once I've listened to all of a band's albums, if I decide there's one I'd recommend as a starting point I'll put asterisks next to the title. Now, read on and enjoy.


Wow! They're great artists. They have albums that every generation love to hear.
sharlotmin 14th Nov 12