The Titan Goes!


Chapter 6: Salvation for the Damned

In this chapter, I will be fighting the two bosses waiting in the Tower of Salvation. I entered the tower at level 57 and exited at level 60. Also for these bosses, I used the EX Attack and Ex Defend Compund EX Skills due to their tendency to guard and then counter without staggering.

The first boss is Remiel, Colettes' "father" who I will now kill. I must win this fight to progress. Remiel (30,000 hp) has a bow which he uses to shoot three arrows at you and ring of light attack to knock you back. He has the Photon, Ray, and Holy Lance spells, and the Judgment Ray tech, which inflicts status effects as well as deal massive damage. He can also teleport which can really mess up combos. I opened with a Unison Attack, and as soon as he got up, tore into him with a full normal hit -> Sword Rain -> Double Demon Fang -> Demonic Thrust combo which dealt some solid damage. He spent most of the battle teleporting around the arena, casting Photon, which I blocked with Guardian, or Holy Lance and Ray, which I dodged using Tempest. I built up another Unison when he had about 8,000 hp left and simply finished him off with a few more combos.

The second, and infinitely more dangerous boss, is our old pal Kratos (45,000 hp). Kratos has a basic sword combo, the Grave and Thunder Blade spells, and the Fierce Demon Fang, Light Spear and Lightning Blade techs. I had Raine scan him and immediately used a Unison Attack, which dealt a whooping 13,000 damage altogether! Afterwards, Kratos showed us his true power and was completely ruthless! I always stayed close to him and did my best to dodge his combos so that he left my allies alone. He will not stagger when casting a spell but I was able to dodge them most of the time, and when I didn't he used the opportunity to set up a combo of his own. Whenever I could I'd use a combo on him and do my best to get away from him immediately after to avoid his impending counterattack. I got him down to about 10,000 hp when I got a full Unison Attack, and used it to deal only 2,000 damage this time, since Sheena was the only party member of mine left. After many Apple, Orange, and Melange Gels, and quite a few life bottles, I was able to beat him and finished him with a Rising Falcon while he was casting Thunder Blade.

Sorry that it took so long to get this chapter out, but I hope you enjoyed it!