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Maximum Carnage - Intro

An apology again for the delays, I know I've been slow with installments and it's mostly due to that pesky "life" thing followed by it's friends "study" and "work" bastards the lot of them. I probably would have started last night but I actually felt like shit so decided that wouldn't be the time for a fair appraisal of a comic book.

Some background: It's the sequel to Carnage.

Okay I'll give a bit more right when this starts I think Harry Osborne just died (again?) I haven't opened the book up yet to check. In a more meta sense though I do have a few things to say.

First a few confessions about myself: I will admit I'm someone who can trick himself into liking something he paid money for, at least for a short time.
  • I'm not offended by things that are average unless they're boring. For example at this point the Halo series is fairly average, not innovating enough to stay ahead of the curve and other big franchises have caught up with them, but I find the games fun so I'm not offended. On the other hand I've watched things that are boring and average and that's when I get offended.
  • I have no problem with dark stories or dark themes, and actually depending on use think they can really bolster a story. For example I love Garth Ennis' Punisher Max, I'll go into why when I get around to the series.
  • I'm not a big fan of huge crossovers, just for the practical reason that I can't be bothered to know a lot of the weirder side characters, I know why they'll put C listers into books like this though: to put them over. Especially if you have a C list hero take out a B list villain in one of these books.
  • At the same time I don't mind WAR Books just because they tend to pass beyond just simple cross over complaints I have (namely not knowing why the fuck these people are there) into having a lot of action and focusing on one or two characters. So they tend to be things I can turn my brain off for.

There are some common critiques of this book, one of which is introduced in it's introduction, that they made it too dark and waited too long to have the tide turn. That doesn't' bother me personally I don't find the book to be dark. I do think it's violent but that's not the same thing to me.
  • It's too long: eh, it's 2 issues longer than Watchmen, if watchmen had been 16 issues I wouldn't have cared it's a great story. The length itself isn't the problem, the lack of story depth... yeah that was a problem
  • I haven't heard this one but: The art.

Yeah the last book was done by Mark Bagley who's name I probably just butchered, and the art was actually pretty good. He wasn't great at doing faces but he did the characters in their suits really well. The art here is kinda crap though. It's very 90s, and as a friend described very 2 dimensional.

So lets dive into this fucker, lets get elbow deep beyond the borderline.