Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Medieval Dreams -- Commerical Break #1

This is the first Commercial Break for "Medieval Dreams", my fictional Heroic Fantasy series.

First let's do the roll off.

  • Mad Writter = Game Master: 1
  • Mad Writter= Player: 11

Now, since the Mad Writter = Player win. He gets to roll on the Player's commerical break table for a possible prize or two.

  • Prize Roll = 9
    • 9 is Commercial for heroic action figure with variant accessories! = A random PC gains a new gadget to use temporarily. The PC effectively has a temporary Trait that represents a gadget or power, with a rating of 3. Once it has been used, the PC no longer possesses it. The Trait must be used before the end of the episode.
    • I'm going to roll a four-sided dice to decide who gets the new trait. Victor = 1, Kara = 2, Carol = 3, and Sari = 4. It's 2. Kara gets the trait. I decide a Magic Bow at 3 for Kara is the special trait for this episode.