Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Fantasy Set-Up - The Setting

Fantasy in the 1980s cartoon way was Heroic Fantasy. This contains a collection of wizards, warriors, princess, castles, caves, dragons, temples, etc. . Some of the 1980s series fitting this are "Disney's Adventure of the Gummi Bears", "Galtar", "Dragon Lair" and the cartoon version of "Dragons And Dungeons".

Step #1: Series Name

I decided on "Medieval Dreams" as following the Hollywood studio imagine a dream version of The Middle Ages.

Step #2: Tagline'

I have no idea for a tagline for this series, so I toss this step into the dragon's mouth and watch it burn.

Step #3: Premise

This is my premise for "Medival Dreams": "On the planet, Kora, still sick in The Middle Ages, there is a country know Caguca. It was rule by the beautiful and friendly Queen Amizica. Queen Amizica know that her country was in danger from evil beings and unfriendly monsters. So she decide to make an Adventurer Team to go to other places and stop evil in and out of Caguca. She got a lot of her subjects joining the Adventurer team willing."

The following is a list of parts of a whole of a retro-toon and how "Medieval Dreams" fit it in.

  • Gimmick and Fads: None. It's a fantasy cartoon. Most gimmicks have a technology base to them.
  • Protagonist Roles: The "Adventurer Team" is group of subjects of Queen Amizica to do good deeds though out the world.
  • Antagonist: We don't have a regular rouge gallery of no-good-nicks, but we do have threats.
  • Primary Setting: Kora is the setting of the series.

Step 4: Proof of Purchase Points: I decide 60 PoPPs for the amount of PoPPs for "Medieval Dreams" Character Creation.

Step 5: Maxium Trait Rating (Regular Feature): I decide 5 for this.

Step 6: Maximum Trait Rating (Action Feature: I decide 10 for this.

Step 7: Miscellaneous:

The following is Miscellaneous for this series:

  • PCs MUST BE members of the Adventurer Team.
  • No PCs should have any traits related to computers or automobiles. (Not invented yet.)"

Step 8: New Rules: They is no new rules for this one.

Step 9: Modified Rules: In this case, the "Cluster" modifier has a new group, "Healing". This relaxes to planet, animal, and human recover by magic.

Step 10: Primary Cast: That will be done in Part 2 as they are the PCs

Step 11: Supporting Cast: Queen Amizica is boss of PCs and can be mention here.