Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 6: To Earth.

So Kamille is now an orphan. How fun.

Of course, the Titans are still on the AEUG's tail, so there's no time to mourn.

On a Titans ship, Jerid walks into a bunch of standard Federation soliders laughing and having a good time. Making light of the Titans. And promptly gets a well deserved burn.

Of course, the brass shows up and it's mission time. They confirm that our heroes are heading to Earth.

Back with the AEUG, they're reaching the defense satellite.

Oh hey, it's Kamille. He's watching them salvage Quattro's Rick Dias... and hey, he's designed his own Mobile Suit, the Zeta Gundam. He takes the disc, and follows Reccoa as she talks to Quattro. He throws the disc at them and runs off.

Now Kamille's seeing Emma. "For no reason".

OK, he really just wants to know why she joined the Titans. Sadly, he dosn't get an answer yet, as Reccoa comes with his disc. He then runs off... again.

Then Reccoa and Emma has a little chat. She's leaving the Argma, it seems.

Back to Kamille, he over hears the main crew listening in to Reccoa and Emma's chat.

Huh, Emma takes a slightly nuanced view, calling out the AEUG on their more... riskier ventures (Like blasting a hole in a Space Colony). Emma then tells a story of "Colony 30". A group of people protested the Earth government. Reccoa then asks: "What do you think Bask did?"

Why, he poisoned the entire colony of course. He's that sort of evil twisted monster. What's worse is that, it was poison gas that was banned after Zeon used it. Emma finds it hard to believe. It doesn't really surprise me, though. But they decide to show her Colony 30, so she can see exactly what the Titans did.

Back with the Titans, Jerid get put in charge. Of course, the actual competent officer (I judge this by being a woman and non-Titan, the two qualities that make you actually competent and not baby eating evil) is ignored in favor of nepotism.

Afterwards Jerid tries to punch her. But being, well, Jerid, he fails like everything else in life. And gets kicked in the face. Wonderous. I like this woman. She calls him a brute that dosn't care for other people's feelings. Which is accurate. I'd add "miserable failure that's only good for others laughing at your misery" but whatever.

Oh, this is rich. Jerid wants to lead the Titans.


This moron? That's amazing. Granted, I can easily see him graduating from "petty, self-important Jerkass" to full blown Bask level evil, but I doubt he has the competance to actually run anything.

Back to the good guys, they're approaching Earth. Quattro and Kamille are suiting up. Kamille asks Quattro about Colony 30. A slight philosophical discussion happens, and we learn that Reccoa is going to Earth. Kamille runs off to talk to her.

"He reminds me of Ammuro Ray"

Kamille and Quattro get ready to launch.

And the Titans and Feds get ready to launch as well. Ready to fail again Jerid?

Kamille reaches Reccoa. He seems to want to talk to her about something, but can't fnd the words. Huh. She gets ready to launch.

Quattro's in the Gundam, and they're ready to fight. Of course, the Titans are approaching.

Quattro attacks the Titans defense satellite, blowing it up.

Meanwhile. Kamille gets into the Black Gundam, wanting to protect Reccoa.

The Titans are getting closer, ready to attack.

Jerid, is of course, outclassed every way.

Kamille launches.

The Mont Blanc shot at...

Down on Earth... a familiar guy sees a light and feels someone calling otu to him.

Jerid throws his gun at a Rick Dias, before charging at Kamille, tackling him.

30 seconds to launch.

Kamille cuts off Jerid's arm with a Beam Saber....

And the capsule launches!

Jerid charges at Kamille!

And Kamille uses his beam saber to cut off half of Jerid's Zaku. Another day a nother defeat.

Back on Earth... the Mont Blanc, it seems, has been destroyed.

Next Episode: Fanservice! Death! Guns!

Surprisingly lacking Kamille angst. Replaced by Jerid angst, which amused me because I got to laugh at his suffering.

Slap Count: 4

Punch Count: 6


This is pretty good. Zeta is the first anime I ever watched and still one of my favorites. I'll be sure to keep up with this.
gentlemanorcus 22nd Apr 11