Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 4: Emma's Decision

Countdown to Emma's Heel–Face Turn begins now.

Kamille is not happy.

Emma decides it's time to get off the ship.

Meanwhile Kamille decides it's to smash the guy who killed his mom. He tackles Jerid's Mobile suit, and the Titans close in on our group.

Kamille is basically beating down on Jerid, shouting about how he killed his mom. Jerid realizes the kid beating him up is the same one who decked him.

Emma tries to break the two up. But Kamille pulls out the Beam Saber.

Back on the ship, the A.E.U.G has decided to give up the Gundams. Quattro realizes that, unlike the rest of the Titans. Emma is moral, so they agree to trust her.

Quattro restrains Kamille, and stops him from fighting. Kamille is basically still in a berserker rage. Quattro informs Kamille that they're giving up, well, that's it. I guess.

Kamille refuses to open the cockpit, so Emma and Quattro just knock on the door a bit

...poor Kamille.

Back on the good guys ship, the Captain reasons that this is still a victory for them, because people will be so repulsed that they'll join their cause. Quattro basically says "think what you like" implying he did it for a different reason. Then he says Emma is 'not with the Titans'

Countdown continues.

The Gundams board the Titans ship. Bask, of course, is not going to let the Argama go free, and is ready to destroy them.

Techs open Kamille's cockpit. Emma asks him if his mom was really in the capsule. When he dosn't respond, she slaps him. Well, duh she was. Emma, you work for Space-Fascists.

Oh look, Dad is here!

Kamille tells him all about it, he then bitterly comments on how this will help him with his mistress. Then he gets slapped, again. Domestic Abuse!

Bask, is of course, listening in. Wow, dad actually looks angry. Understandable. Of course, when he actually confronts Bask he's unable to speak up. Seeing what happened to Bright I can understand this.

Meanwhile! Jerid cements himself as quite possibly the biggest Jerk Ass I have ever seen in anime. By not only feeling no remorse or sadness for the fact that, accidentally or not, he killed an innocent human being. But actually mocking Kamille's justified grief.

It's amazing, Bask is by far more evil. But Jerid is so petty and annoying that I hope he suffers equally painful demise. I'll say one thing, Zeta Gundam makes you hate its villains.

Kamille, in a moment of actual maturity (instead of what Jerid calls maturity, which apparently involves not feeling sad when your loved ones are murdered) chooses not to blame Jerid for her death. Instead he blames the corrupt and evil organization that caused this situation in the first place.He actually ''forgives'' Jerid, and rubs it in that he's better then Jerid and could beat him down anytime. Even Emma sees how Kamille just owned Jerid.

Bask, in what is likely some evil scheme, tells Emma that she can decide how to capture the new A.E.U.G's Mobile Suits, and do it without being baby-eating evil. Of course, I can think of a way. It's easy. You clearly have the superior force. An organization like the A.E.U.G relies on Guerrilla tactics. They can't deal with overwhelming force that the Titans, being right next to a major base of theirs could project. Simply surround the ship, say "Give us the Mobile Suits in ten minutes and we'll let you go. If you don't we'll blow you up." Of course, knowing Bask he considered this, but rejected the idea on the grounds that it wasn't evil enough.

Oh wait he's telling her to cooperate with Lila. Great. This is doomed from the start.

Jerid asks to use a Gundam to make up for his patheticness. Bask shuts him down (And for a brief moment I actually like Bask), though lets Emma decide.

Oh hey, a Titan who's face we can't see is breaking Kamille's dad out. I wonder who it could be. It's Emma!

Gentlemen, we have lift off.

Oh Emma, your morals and competence in a world filled with nutjobs and psychopaths is so wonderful. You and Quattro should team up and stuff.

She breaks out Kamille as well, and the three of them begin their plan to defect back to the A.E.U.G.

Kamille is, of course suspicious of his dad. They head to the space suit from.

Fight scene! Kamille punches out a Titan! Emma takes it a step further and pistol whips the other. Go Emma!

Ah this feels nice seeing the jerks get beaten up. They dress up in pilot suits, ditching Jerid. Oh, Crap!. Jerid notices that something's wrong.

Of course, the three begin their escape. They start by blasting open the hanger.

Huh, even Bask is surprised. Guess what, you can expect this to happen when you're evil, jerk. The three Gundams ditch the Titans.

Wow, Bask is actually mad.

Oh geez, Dad's suit is damaged. Lila's perusing them, and is generally doging everything they throw at her.

Quattro is already launching, he knew this was going to happen.

Here comes the Cavalry. Lila decides to retreat, wisely enough.

back to the heroes! With a new team mate! Emma joins the party!

Emma is indeed a nice person Kamille, which is why she's not fit to be a Titan.

Back with Dad he's geeking out over Quattro's mobile suit. Probably the wrong thing to do at the time, which makes Kamille mad.

...after all, the Titans are perusing them as they speak.

Next Episode: Dad reveals he's a worthless parent! Again!

Well, the core part of this episode was fairly easy to predict. Emma is just to obviously good guy material. There's no real pretense of moral ambiguity, so her defecting is pretty much what I'd expect.

Slap Count: 4

Punch Count: 6