So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X


I hope this session's title doesn't let me down...

After buying some more supplies, I'm ready to head out to the next set of levels, back in the Stellar Graveyard again, first level "Embryon". Sounds very fancy and sci-fi.

Cutscene! There are a bunch of astronauts in suits that makes their breaths sound less like Darth Vader and more like a creepy stalker person. They're here to kill Gordon (and everybody else) so it's time for battle, as usual. Can't we just talk it out, sometimes?

I send out Plato and Socrates, and realize something cool: The weird looking tiles that kinda look like alien space lava or something actually damage me if I go on them. I guess I'll avoid those, then!

It seems these soldiers have guns. That makes kind of a lot of sense. Of course, they're still totally weaksauce. However, one of their attacks put Plato to sleep, which was definitely unexpected, but nothing too bad. A bit of Faerie Dust makes everything better. Plato gets the last kill, and levels up. Overall, not too hard.

'Nother cutscene. Gordon doesn't exactly understand that the EDF soldiers were there to kill him and not bring him home, then we get a message from the mustachioed general guy. Remember what I said about mustache people...

Basically he says "Har har har you were used by me aren't I so evil muahahahaha!" and all that jazz. He's kind of a dick, yeah.

Gordon then realizes he's kind of an idiot. Finally! With that I can head to the next level, "Core Point No. 4", now where are the other core points?

Cutscene power to the max!! It's that guy with the really really sharp nose and hair, Kurtis with a K! He basically mocks Gordon and in general acts like kind of a dick which is what most humans in this game seem to be. Kurtis is about to run off, obviously because he's afraid of the Two Philosophers, but Gordon stops him and Kurtis with a K agrees to hang around and fight my group. Oh, never mind. He ran off anyway. What an asshole.

Now I just have to mow down a ton of random soldiers. Yay! That's certainly easy enough, I think. You can imagine by now who I send out to fight. The one catch about this level is that I can't use special attacks on the non-damaging floor areas. Then again, that means the enemies also can't use specials, if they even have them. At last, Plato destroys the Geo-Symbol once and for all, casting it into the fires of the alien space lava (not really) and allowing me to use special attacks once more. Needless to say, I win the fight.

No cutscene!? Oh well, time for the next battle and to get more supplies.

I'm now at "Star Cluster" and the Burger King angel guy is here, after not being here for a number of episodes I think. He basically reinforces his evilness or whatever.

Flonne feels some evil, then the battle starts. Oh crap.

This is a twist: There's invincibility and Ally Damage on the surface panels but the green alien space lava is much easier to deal with, with only an Enemy +50 bonus there. I still don't know how damage and invincibility stack, though.

Plato gets killed off, leaving just Socrates. This isn't going well. Then Socrates dies. Oh, Crap!. I'm kind of screwed here... so I quit! Muahahaha! I really hope I saved... whew, I did, I think. So, let's try that again, shall we?

This time, I send out a ton of characters, most of them of course as fodder. Laharl, near the end of the map, launches a brave suicide attempt on a Geo Symbol by throwing an enemy on it an making a chain reaction, destroying the Geo Symbol and himself, as well as the +50 Enemy Bonus. Shortly thereafter, the Invincibility and Ally Damage panels are all gone.

Socrates and Plato, understandably the only two left, baravely defeat the rest of the enemies. I'll admit, this fight was pretty intense.

After buying a new axe for Socrates, I head off to the "Sidereal Rift", where I meet up with a cutscene. Jennifer is all depressed, and then Kurtis is back. Hopefully I get to fight him for real this time. As per usual on this map, there are tons of soldiers to fight, but they're weak, again as usual. Luckily there aren't any Geo panels to deal with. I save Kurtis for last, and finish him off with a fancy tough attack from Socrates.

Cutsceeeeene! Kurtis has more power, but he's not using it in order to not damage Flonne. Awww, what a softy. Then the ground starts a-shakin' and it's a Space Battleship thingy!! Then Kurtis runs off with Jennifer. Doesn't he know that there are better ways to get laid? Looks like we've got to get on that huge ship. No problem.

And so we end with Seraph talking to a disembodied voice again. Time to get aboard the Gargantua... next update. I'll try to wait a little longer before I do the next one, even though I really want to finish this off. It's exciting!

So, keep an eye out for an update!


Interesting that Kurtis is holding back to avoid damaging Flonne. Certainly elevates him above merely being a flat rival to Gordon.
Fluid 3rd Jul 11