So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X

The Item World Is Too Fun!

Okay, bit of a delay there. As the title says, the Item World is really, really fun. I've spent quite a bit if time there now. Just to make things neat, I'll make a list of all my characters and their levels/class:

1. Laharl (no actual class), level 16

2. Etna (no actual class), level 10

3. Asbestos, Prinny, level 5

4. Vasquez, Prinny, level 3 (Fail!)

5. Lowell, Prinny, level 4 (why do I even have these guys...)

6. Punchmaster, Brawler, level 15

7. Nietzsche, Cleric, level 2 (I rarely use her anyways)

8. Aristotle, Warrior, level 12

9. Socrates, Ronin, level 15 (best character!)

10. Tacitus, Surveyor, level 8 (at least he's competent!)

And there they are, read and enjoy.

She's been lagging behind a bit, so I buy Aristotle a new Ninja Sward to fight off teh demonss. Laharl is using the pitiful Short Sword of Suck -12, and with that in tow I head to the gate to do more plot stuff.

Going to Dinero Palace! (from now on, Diner-O's) Man, I wonder if I'll ever be as high-leveled as some of these NP Cs, I mean, Level 300? The hell?

Oh yeah, I forgot why I'm even going to this place: I have to pay the poor Prinnies, even though they do crap all for me now.

Now, to head for... The Gaudy Entrance! (it's the gaudy one)

Ahead of me are some absurdly strong, fist-wielding, Level... 5... enemies. Oh, dear. Do I need to say anything here? Really?

My least powerful main characters (Etna, Tacitus and Aristotle) engage the three pansies ahead. Funny thing is, the enemies don't instantly die. No, they're just really, really weak now. Well, more so than before. Next turn they're dead.

I send my three strongest (Punchmaster, Laharl and Socrates) up ahead. The enemies attack, I get counter-attacks, then I attack them myself. Just the farthest one, a mage, and one tougher level 7 guy are left now. No, wait, there's a guy hiding, but he gets taken out pretty fast. Man, regular battles are so much easier than Item World battles.

I'm done here. I go to the hospitale and get healed, and I'm ready for the next stage...

...which I'll describe next session. Until then, have fun reading! (and playing, too, if you feel like playing Disgaea while reading this Live Blog - might be a cool idea)


SpellBlade 25th Jan 11
Just FYI, you WILL want to level your cleric, because you will totally want some healing later on in the game. Give your cleric a mage pupil and she(you did pick the female one, right?) can learn some offensive magic, it'll make the leveling easier.

Also, give Flonne a pupil of all 3 color mages and a cleric, and have her learn all the spells. You now have an Infinity Plus One Character
Blissey1 25th Jan 11
Definitely learn to use the pupil system and power up Flonne.
nightwyrm_zero 25th Jan 11
Hey, Disgaea doesn't have an entry on Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer!

Oh, and I'll definitely level up Flonne - I get to that between the next two segments of the Live Blog.
Five_X 25th Jan 11