Let's Play a random Touhou fan RPG!


Hina Kagiyama

Because I'm bored and haven't had the chance to play the game again, I'm gonna imagine what kind of character Hina might have been and write up a fake profile for her. This post is entirely fictional, and any resemblance to the actual game is completely coincidental.

  • Last Word: "Misfortune's Mirror" Reflect on all party members for both physical and magical.
  • Specialties:
    • Misfortune: CAS, status effect strength, causes all her statuses to also lower evasion and resistance
    • Curse-warding: RES, magic defense, ability cooldowns
    • Spinning: magic power, evasion, MP
    • God: HP, bombs, regenerates based on number of statuses currently on enemies
  • Weapon: Broken Amulet
  • Commander:
    • Passive: Decreases enemy hit rate
    • 1 Bomb: Wheel of Misfortune, cures one random ally's permanent effect and causes it to the enemy
    • 3 Bombs: Pain Flow, does damage to the enemies equal to 2 times the difference between the party's total max HP and current HP.
  • Overall: Primary spellcaster, specializing in darkness element spells (only Byakuren can use these normally, still) and status effects, mostly Curse, Petrify and Poison. Especially poison, as her main form of damage. She can also heal allies, but only by taking the damage onto herself, however she can regenerate by afflicting statuses. When she takes ally status effects onto herself, it goes through another RES check, so it's likely to be cured. Can also cast reflect on herself or others, but only as a Quick effect (lasting for one turn) and with a significant cooldown. She has to choose between physical or magic reflection when casting it.

Her basic darkness damage spells are based on the the HP values of various agents, depending on the spell. So she has one that's good when she's hurt, one that's good when the enemy is at high HP, another that's good when the enemy is hurt, etc. Monitoring the conditions of the battle is important.

Well, that's my random stint of creativity. Feel free to do whatever in the comments too.


Misfortune: CAS, status effect strength, causes all her statuses to also lower evasion and resistance
I can imagine how painful it must be for you to imagine that this could have been the character who could make status spells suck less for you... Haha.
Fawriel 20th Jan 11